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The Show: Flirting with disaster


RIP Dele Fadele, NME journalist during the 1980’s and 1990’s. Although he actually died sometime during 2018 the news only became public a few weeks ago.

In 1992 he became one of the first people to call Morrissey out on his flirtation with right wing imagery.

“For what’s it’s worth, I don’t think Morrissey is a racist. He just likes the trappings and the culture that surround the outsider element. He has some racist friends. And if he carries on this way, he’ll have thousands more.”

Unfortunately, we now know how that particular flirtation turned out.

Mr. Fadele also fronted his own band, Welfare Heroine, and it’s their ever-so-slightly-baggy cover version of the 1969 Peter Sarstedt song “Where Do You Go To My Lovely” that features in today’s show.

And on with the show…

Direct download: The Joint – 17 October 2020

Notebooks out completists, here’s the playlist in full..

  • PAN AMSTERDAM – Hannibal Lecture (featuring Jason Williamson)
  • HIGH CONTRAST – Time Is Hardcore (featuring Kae Tempest & Anita Blay)
  • LEZ POP – Lidocaine / Brainfog
  • WELFARE HEROINE – Where Do You Go To My Lovely? (RIP Dele Fadele) *
  • HUSTLE FLESH – 1-2-300 Subscriber Freestyles
  • SA-ROC – Deliverance
  • G SUDDEN – Gran A Day
  • DJ BORING – Like Water
  • CORTICYTE – Horn
  • CYRIL CYRIL – Les Gens
  • CARLOS PERON – Her Heäd Is Bräkin Intu Foör (Primal Version)
  • STAR – Angel School Anthem
  • CHAI – Donuts Mind If I Do
  • BUG, THE – You (featuring Dis Fig)

Kelly Lee Owens Mix for BBC Radio 6

    • FLORE – Rituals
    • BICEP – Atlas
    • DANIEL AVERY – Infinite Future
    • BREAKA – The Start Up
    • VINICUIS HONORIO – Brainwash 2
    • HARRISON BDP – Sound Expansion Meditation
    • BAILEY IBBS – Mine
    • HAIDER – U Trippin
    • NUDGE UNIT – Uncertain Past (Warehouse Schranz mix)
    • KELLY LEE OWENS – Melt!
    • ROZA TERENZI – That Track (Rewired mix)
    • PVS – F*****’ Society
  • CHARLES WEBSTER – The Spell (Burial Mix) (featuring Ingrid Chavez)
  • SAINT SEVERIN – The Knife (Barry Adamson Mix)
  • SIG NU GRIS – Amoeba
  • OLE MIC ODD – 420 Million Dollars
  • ONIPA – Sohaa Gb3k3 (XOA Remix)

* The inspiration for this week’s lyrical heading.

FJS approaches half a century and the incredible tunes keep...


FJS approaches half a century and the incredible tunes keep coming: NZ artists Camo MC, Dose, HABIT, Mish & Green, State of Mind, and Rubix; a trio of exclusive cuts from L-Side’s first Dub Pack on V Recordings, label features from Born On Road, Dispatch Recordings, DNB Allstars Records, Hospital Records and Viper Recordings, and vocal performances from DRS, Gardna, Sophie Lindinger, TS Graye, Trigga, Chrissie Huntley, LOWES, Cimone, Leo Wood and MC Gusto. Plus! the latest from Bladerunner, Klinical, gyrofield, Modu, Kickback, Myth, Nemy, Sl8r, Tweakz, Waeys and Zero T.

Massive thanks to all artists and listeners, stay safe and crank the bass!

Contact & tracklists: ~ 

Mixcloud // Facebook

LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00-21:00 // MON 00:00 // FRI 22:00 (NZST)

Bladerunner - Don’t Let Me Go [Soulvent Records]

Dose - Bad Robot [Voyage Music]

Justin Hawkes - Lift off the Roof [Drum&BassArena]

Kumarachi - 4am Where Are You (K Jah Remix) [Audio Addict Records]

Rubix - Wishes [Bad Habitz Recordings]

Ben Snow, Gardna, DRS - 2020 Vision [Born On Road]

L-Side - Gigabyte [V Recordings]

Zoro, Addicted - Everything’s Ok [Born On Road]

Shadre, Salvage - Hit It [Zombie Recordings UK]

Friction, Bou, Trigga - Seizure [Elevate Records]

TC - Sounds Like Tc [Don’t Play]

HABIT - Disturbed [Free Drum And Bass]

Mindmapper, Silvahfonk - Vicinity [Flexout Audio]

Nuvertal - Presage [ProgRAM]

Quadrant, Iris, Ill Truth - Is This Now [Sofa Sound]

Nymfo - Forbidden Planet [Dispatch Recordings]

Ed Rush & Optical feat. Matrix - Flightpath [Virus Recordings]

Maduk - Come Back To Me [Liquicity Records]

Drumsik - Madman [Bad Taste Recordings]

Tweakz, MC Gusto - Lost Tonight [Delta9 Recordings]

Modu - Bristol Soul [C4C Limited]

Althea & Donna - Uptown Top Ranking (Kickback Bootleg) [X-MNT]

Mish & Greeen - Rhythm is a Dancer [Noxious Audio]

Giganti - Imagine [Viper Recordings]

Murdock, Dynamite MC - Dark Cloud (Enei Remix) [Viper Recordings]

Modu - Hometown [Addictive Behaviour Records]

Jammez - Electric Terrain [DNB Allstars Records]

Nemy - Hill [Counterpoint]

Dunk - High Jump [Impact Music]

Klinical - Blind Mosaics [Overview Music]

Sully - Werk [Astrophonica]

Friske - Untitled Killa [Metalheadz]

Focusfire - Towline [Ignescent]

SD - Wires [Dispatch Recordings]

L-Side - Riddim Dancer VIP feat. Ragga Twins [V Recordings]

Toby Ross - Flavours [DNB Allstars Records]

Myth - Horror [The North Quarter]

Sl8r - Back To Me [Nuusic]

Calibre - falls to you VIP [Signature]

Zero T, Ian Urbina - Dream State [Synesthesia Media]

Leo Wood, Villem, McLeod - Lions [Fokuz Recordings]

Duoscience - Crystal [Dnbb Digital]

Dub Elements - Better World [DEM Recordings]

Hugh Hardie, DJ Marky, Cimone - Said & Done [Hospital Records]

Disclosure - What’s In Your Head (Sl8r Bootleg) [Dubplate]

Total Science - Gravy Girls [C.I.A.]

L-Side - High Times VIP feat. MC Fats [V Recordings]

Waeys, Was A Be - Bullying [Critical Music]

Klinical, Unglued - Intentions [Overview Music]

Inflamers - Earsplittin [DLT9]

No Concept - Let Me Know [Technique Recordings]

Dimension, TS Graye - Remedy [Dimension]

Grafix, Chrissie Huntley - Onyx [Hospital Records]

gyrofield - 2024 [mau5trap]

Camo MC, JAXX - Instant Party Starter [Camo MC]

Sublow Hz, Benny Page - London Bun It Up [Dub Shotta]

T>I, Dutta - Paper Clipz [Souped Up Records]

High Contrast, LOWES - Rhythm Is Changing [3Beat]

Camo & Krooked, Mefjus, Sophie Lindinger - No Tomorrow [Hospital Records]

Black Sun Empire, State of Mind - Fateful Hour [Blackout Music NL]

New Ways To Noise - S05E41


 When She Was Bad - Blind spot
The Bleak Engineers - Multidimensional Way
UnderViewer - Was Soll Ich Tun ?
Screensaver - Strange Anxiety
Blind Delon - Noire
Lour - Apples
Truck Stop Alien - Fainted
Triumvirs - Cough Cool
Square Hollow - We Are Not the Ones
Church Group - Feel It
Vision Factory - Travel Universe
Bestial Mouths - Withiin
NNHMN - The River Of Fire
Linea Aspera - Event Horizon
HEALTH - Cyberpunk

Kammoth #183 – Bee Ei


Banter, pilailu, kohukohu, šaipytis, zezanje, tynnu coes; not to mention the mighty ‘stʹob’.

01 Yerba Buena – Bilingual Girl

02 Them – Young Woman

03 Yamasuki – Yokomo

04 Wooden Wand – Trails

05 Yonatan Gat – Projections

06 Xylouris White – Spud’s Garden

07 Yellow Magic Orchestra – La Femme Chinoise

08 Young Fresh Fellows – So Many Electric Guitars

09 Folk Implosion – Natural One (U.N.K.L.E. mix)

10 Yin Yin – The Sacred Valley of Cusco

11 YCNI-Milo – feel good hit of the summer (QOTSA cover)

12 Rikki Llilonga & Musi-O-Tunya – one reply

13 You + Me – From A Closet In Norway (Oslo Blues)

14 DJ Tre – DNB Spaceout

15 Yuri Morozov – loss

16 the Wrens – Every Year

17 Year of the Rabbit – Lie Down

18 Zeal and Ardor – Devil Is Fine

19 Yo La Tengo – Shades of Blue

20 Xiu Xiu – Pumpkin Attack On Mommy And Daddy

21 North Sea Radio Orchestra – the earth beneath our feet

22 Yeasayer – germs

23 White Lung – Glue

24 Yvette – mirrored walls

25 Technotronic – Pump up the Jam

26 Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies – give an infinity for, or leave the building

27 Yorkston Thorne Khan – Waliyan Da Raja

28 Visqueen – Ward

29 Woodie Guthrie – lingbergh

30 Zozobra – Caldera

31 Throbbing Gristle – A Debris of Murder

No means sesquipedalia;


The Chord of Critters


 Crank Playthings 186


00:00 - Fell - Citizen Scientist 
18:14 - Many People I Know Tell Me That I Have To Change My Pseudonym - Nkujarks
21:36 - If It Breathes - Naaro
23:44 - Primal Meditation - High in the Cave
34:14 - act i - Consciousness Bleeds
44:00 - 08:44 (Organic Reach) - Gabriele de Seta
52:45 - 3 Months Before Contact - Horses Are Monsters
54:54 - equatorial aurora - Circuit Monster

The Show: Ry just smiles and tries another difficult yoga pose…


Direct download: The Joint – 10 October 2020

Notebooks out completists, here’s the playlist in full…

  • VAN HALEN – Jump (Keyboard Track Only)
  • DENHAM AUDIO – Top Buzz
  • ALF CHAMPION – non est Rediens
  • J.ROCC – Get Wild
  • SHEET SWEATER – Visine
  • PUBLIC PRACTICE – Underneath
  • FRONT DE CADEAUX – De Puta Madre Terra
  • EMMA-JEAN THACKRAY – Rain Dance Wisdom
  • THE FLYING SORCERERS – No Boundaries
  • BLACK SAND – Here She Comes Now
  • MYSTERY WAITRESS – Red, Red, Red
  • BILL CALLAHAN – Ry Cooder *
  • NICK GUY – R 79
  • THE TRENDEES – air bnb
  • LINJA – Lone juggler’s isle (feat. DJ Tinder)
  • KIN LEONN AND HIROSHI EBINA – A secluded channel
  • MEITEI / 冥丁 – Sadayakko _ 貞奴
  • SOSHI TAKEDA – River
  • A/P – Terrace Fever
  • TOM JAY – Let Go
  • FAKE TURINS – Legs (Kolago Kult Remix)
  • TASSILO VANHÖFEN – Paradise Lost

* The inspiration for this week’s lyrical heading.

The journey continues with another Future Jungle Sessions...


The journey continues with another Future Jungle Sessions bursting with full spectrum DnB goodness! NZ artists lead the way with fresh tunes from Dose, Trei, Medium, Monika, Need For Mirrors, Tali, Willy Mav + Elipsa, and Yeti + Gawn Deep ~ EP features from Dan Structure’s ‘Kingpin’, FD’s ‘First Sound’ and Tweakz ‘Lost Tonight’ ~ big LP cuts from ‘Divine Profits’ by Killbox, ‘Portals’ by Sub Focus & Wilkinson, ‘TerraRising’ on Terra Firma, and Nuusic’s ‘The Sound of Nuusic Vol.3’ ~ vocal performances from Andreya Triana, Charli Brix, Collette Warren, DRS, Khadija, Sydney, and Zara Kershaw ~ plus spotlights on heavyweight labels C.I.A., Fokuz Recordings, Metalheadz, Shogun Audio and Souped Up Records!

Massive thanks to all artists and listeners, stay safe and crank the bass!

Contact & tracklists: ~ 

Mixcloud // Facebook

LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00-21:00 // MON 00:00 // FRI 22:00 (NZST)

Sound In Noise - Yo [RAM Records]

Jeopardize - That Money Tune [Low Down Deep Recordings]

Encarta - Burna [ProgRAM]

gyrofield - Jade [mau5trap]

Simplification, nCamargo - Sure Shot [Liquid V]

Phaction, Hugh Hardie - Signature Moves [C.I.A.]

L-side, MC GQ - Zaga Dan [V Recordings]

Medium - The Path [Terra Firma]

Ben Snow, enta - Set Me Free [DNB Vibes]

John Rolodex, Khadija - The Rainmaker [Metalheadz]

Grimesy, Conrad Subs - Golden Era [Deep In The Jungle Records]

Kiril - Hoovers Don’t Judge, People Do [31 Recordings]

DJ Hybrid - Just Keep It Real [Born On Road]

DJ Zinc, Andreya Triana - Baby It’s You [Bingo Bass]

FD, Total Science - True North [C.I.A.]

Pyxis, Collette Warren - Senses [Eloisa Records]

SMP, Tali - Nighthawke [Fokuz Recordings]

Shirobon - Pure [Hyperwave Records]

Calibre, DRS - living for [Signature]

Sustance, Charli Brix - Break the Habit [Shogun Audio]

Tweakz - Embrace [Delta9 Recordings]

BTK - Dead Men Tell No Tales [Dispatch Recordings]

Dan Structure - Kingpin (Hadley Remix) [Context Audio]

Creatures, Screamarts - My Flow [Rebel Music]

Deekline, Specimen A - Titanic (Edit) [Jungle Cakes]

FD - First Sound [C.I.A.]

Basstripper - Sleeping Pills [Radar Records]

Confusious, Ben Soundscape, Collette Warren - The Descent [Fokuz Recordings]

Monrroe, Zara Kershaw - Out of Time [Shogun Audio]

Myth - Long Time [The North Quarter]

Grimesy - Go [Nuusic]

Headroom - Now I See [Four Corners]

FarFlow - Bullets [Fokuz Recordings]

Dose - Autonomy [Dirty Hole Music]

Octo Pi, Kumarachi - Bulletproof [Gyro Records]

Bicep - Glue (Need For Mirrors & Changer / Vip Bootleg) [Dubplate]

Dan Structure - Rise (feat..Sydney) [Context Audio]

Goldie, Jose James - Truth (Zero T Remix) [Metalheadz]

Motiv - Fading Pictures [Fokuz Recordings]

Monika - Wunderbar Blues [Terra Firma]

Qua Rush, Frame - Memories [Terra Firma]

Conrad Subs - Codebreaker (Guzi Remix) [Nuusic]

Annix - Caesium [Vision Recordings]

Stranger - Erupt [Down 2 Earth Musik]

Synergy - Monochrome [NËU]

Gydra, Ihr - Wipe [Eatbrain]

Disaszt, Trei - Danger Time [Mainframe]

Killbox - Nova [RAM Records]

Killbox - Mutiny [RAM Records]

Yetti X Gawn Deep - Alex Jones [Dubplate]

Yen - NOT BAD [Dubplate]

Skylark - Intervals [DLT9]

Willy Mav, Elipsa - Without You (Jeddy Beats Remix) [Lunchbox Records]

Sub Focus, Wilkinson - Turn The Lights Off [EMI]

Kelayx - Timeless [Warm Communications]

Tweakz - Bloodclart Tune (Sl8R Remix) [Delta9 Recordings]

Jam Thieves, AC13 - Dirty Game [Hot Cakes]

T>I - Jungle [Souped Up Records]

Upgrade - Function [Serial Killaz]

Kanine - Tell Me [UNLEASHED]

L Plus - Sound Question [Technique Recordings]

Sub Focus & Wilkinson - Illuminate feat. Tom Cane [RAM Records]

Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Dope Ammo & DJ Hybrid Remix) [Dope Ammo]

Trigga, Bou - Veteran (VIP) [Souped Up Records]

New Ways To Noise - S05E40


 Les Animaux Sauvages - Andy Weather
Blind Delon - Tes Lèvres
Bite Marx - Unrest at the Gender Reveal
Minuit Machine - Don't Run From The Fire
The Rorschach Garden - T.V.O.D.
End Of Data - If I'm Not A Killer
Billo - Zauberworte
96 Eyes - Touch
Die Traurigen - How I Feel
Black Light Smoke - Shadows #11 (Sombras)
Ubiquitous Meh! - Meh! Can Empower You 2
Mangel -Träume
Two Lone Swordsmen - Sex Beat
Purity+Control - Transfer of Clinical Sarcophagus
Frontal - Lass Mich
This Is The Bridge - You're So Typical

The Show: Pearly Qdrops Drops


We admit that the pun for this week’s show title came first and we then frantically tried to base a playlist around it. Very much a cart-before-the-horse scenario.

It proved to be a good excuse for our biennial trawl through the Cocteau Twins back catalogue, cover versions and all. This included finding a surprising take on “Wax & Wane” by Deftones, which narrowly failed to make the cut in today’s set.

The QAnon portion of the pun is provided by an interview from the All Gas No Brakes YouTube channel (imagine a Louis Theroux documentary put through a Tim & Eric filter).

The remainder of the spoken word clips are taken from On The Media’s “Spheres Of Influence” which takes a dive into “conspirituality” and the rise of pastel QAnon.

And on with the show…

Direct download: The Joint – 3 October 2020

Notebooks out completists, here’s the playlist in full…

  • SAINT SEVERIN  –  The Knife (Original Mix)
  • OBSKÜR  –  Bayside
  • SPELLLING  –  Under The Sun
  • TAME IMPALA  –  Borderline (Blood Orange Remix)
  • OPEN MIKE EAGLE  –  I’m A JoeStar
  • E L L E  –  Catfish
  • GOAT GIRL  –  Sad Cowboy
  • LAVA LA RUE  –  G.O.Y.D.
  • BAT FOR LASHES  –  We’ve Only Just Begun
  • AMAARAE  –  Fancy
  • JIMMY EDGAR  –  Get Up (featuring Danny Brown)
  • SINEAD O’BRIEN  –  Roman Ruins
  • JANELLE MONÁE  –  Turntables
  • A. SWAYZE & THE GHOSTS – Connect To Consume
  • SAULT  –  You Know It Ain’t
  • JOHN MARTYN  –  Small Hours
  • BLACK TO COMM  –  Stolen Androgens
  • COCTEAU TWINS *  –  Donimo
  • DOMENIQUE DUMONT  –  People On Sunday
  • WILLIAM BASINSKI  –  Tear Vial
  • JPEGMAFIA  –  Last Dance!
  • NO ONE KNOWS WHO DID THIS  –  I’m Junk, I’m Drunk
  • THE CRIBS  –  I Don’t Know Who I Am (featuring Lee Ranaldo)
  • CLIPPING  –  ’96 Neve Campbell (featuring Cam & China)
  • SAULT  –  Little Boy
  • SUBP YAO  –  Mad And Mean (featuring Warrior Queen)
  • SEBii  –  Play Poker
  • PETER PHILIPPE WEISS  –  Subway (Intenta Version)

* The inspiration for this week’s lyrical heading.

Kammoth #182 – Blood Suckers Are Us


Righto; I’m going to ‘go there’ with a semi-topical contemporary joke:

What kind of scientist puts bubbles in lemonade?

A FIZZicist (pfffffffff… needs more work).

Enjoy the bouncy show; configured thusly:

01 Deerhoof – Spiral Golden Town

02 Patti Smith – everybody wants to rule the world

03 A Tribe Called Red – Electric Pow Wow Drum

04 BMDS – Fable

05 Black Angels – The First Vietnamese War

06 Deap Vally – Two Seat Bike

07 Out in Worship – Nut

08 Ojibo Afrobeat – Heatwave

09 Mudhoney & Melvins – My War (Black Flag cover)

10 Rollerskate Skinny – shimmer son like a star

11 Quasimoto – Low Class Conspiracy

12 Echo is Your Love – lion tamer vs. Tigers

13 Berry Sakharof – Eretz zarah

14 Love Trio in Dub – Lovers Rock (Dead Beat Knockout)

15 Scared of Chaka – toilet duck

16 Shocking Blue – Poor Boy

17 Roots Manuva – dem phonies

18 Rolo Tomassi – opalescent

19 Baris Manco – Lambaya Püf De

20 Autolux – Listen to the Order

21 Bernays Propaganda – Mojata Marija

22 Nina Simone – My Baby Just Cares for Me

23 School Damage – Back Seat

24 Disco Blaze – Plastic Feelings

25 B Boys – No

26 Bab L’ Bluz – el gamra

27 Avi Buffalo – Five Little Sluts

28 the Heliocentrics – Phantom of the Panther

29 !!! – Tighten the Grip

30 Mastodon – Rufus Lives (Bill & Ted OST)

31 Hinds – Riding Solo

32 the Murmurs – H.R. Pufnstuf

33 RZA – Wu-World Order

34 Melo-D – One Man Band

Clapping with three hands;