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The Show: The Joy Of Six *


To take advantage of our newly minted level 2 COVID-19 status we’ve headed away for the long weekend. There was just enough time to put together a six-song, two-hour mix before we departed for the olive groves of Blenheim.

Think of this as a counterpoint to the 40 song ADHD mix we posted back in March 2011

And on with the show…

Direct download: The Joint – 30 May 2020

Notebooks out completists, here’s the playlist in full…

  • PRINCE  –  America
  • SPIRITUALIZED  –  Cop Shoot Cop
  • STEREOLAB  –  Jenny Ondioline
  • ART OF NOISE, THE  –  Diversion 8, Diversion 2, Closest, Close-Up, Close (To The Edit), Closed
  • SUPER FURRY ANIMALS  –  The Man Don’t Give A Fuck (Live)

* Apologies and / or credit to The Guardian for this week’s show name.

Patterns Party Chaos


Crank Playthings 166

00:00 - 20200514 - Chris Hesitation *
11:34 - 20200514 - cakeface *
25:33 - 20200430 - ZS Lawrence *
37:18 - 20200416 - VAZZ *

 *recorded for a Thursday Noise Situation via the darkroom


Kammoth #170 – Bricks aren’t THAT heavy!


I know I know; what a lame pun Mr Kammoth!

I’ve been receiving a few ‘official’ email updates from L7 of late and there’s all this tele programming rotating around Lego Masters that it hit me to combine the two.

Here’s the dream that stuff is made of:

01 Gauche – Boom Hazard

02 Bobby Jameson – Places Times And The People

03 Future of the Left – The Male Gaze

04 Bosnian Rainbows – Dig Right in Me

05 Gardener – Struggle With Sickness

06 Girls At Our Best – 600,000 british pounds

07 Geto Boys – I Ain’t With Being Broke

08 Burning Brides – something in the way (Nirvana cover)

09 Joe Loco – chua chua boogaloo

10 Cex – OD’d On First Base

11 Hard Girls – Halfway to the Hearse

12 Captain Squidlicker & The Sinking Ships – Nights Like These

13 Ancient Sky – Mystery School

14 Ceebrolistics – Ohine

15 Beach Boys – Hang On To Your Ego

16 the Casual Dots – e.s.p. for now

17 Bomb the Bass – Sleepyhead

18 Candy Machine – air station to al green

19 Big Thief – Haley

20 Gabor Szabo – Some Velvet Morning

21 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Fuck Shit Up

22 Bauhaus – Small Talk Stinks

23 Elvin Jones & Richard Davis – Shiny Stockings

24 Ho99o9 – Hydrolics

25 Ange – le soir du diable

26 Harry Partch – The Lost Kid

27 Cani Sciorri – Più Giù

28 Funkadelic – Back in our minds

29 Hundred Waters – seven white horses

30 Insect Arc – The Vanishing

31 Ulan Bator – the sky

Sincere negligeenius;


NZ Music Month comes to a close and I’ve selected tunes from FJS...


NZ Music Month comes to a close and I’ve selected tunes from FJS Kiwi favourites Azifm, Burnzy, Concord Dawn, Medium and Need For Mirrors! The Sauce delivers a naughty remix of Critical Impact’s massive ‘Pretty Girl’, Bou puts a spin on Shy FX’s ‘Warning’, and V Recs classic ‘Step Tune’ gets a fresh take from Blame. On the jungle tip there’s new fire from Euphonique, GOLD Dubs, Kickback, Kumarachi, RMS, and Veak ~ cheeky jump-up from Agro, Dunk, Oz, Nick The Lot and Sub Zero ~ and get techy with IMANU, Napes, Nemy, OaT, Smooth and Zombie Cats. Plus, label love for Dispatch, Low Down Deep, Metalheadz, Playaz, RAM Records, Sofa Sound, Souped Up, V Recordings and Vandal Records.

Massive thanks to all artists and listeners, stay safe and crank the bass!

Contact & tracklists: ~

Mixcloud // Facebook

LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00-21:00 (NZST) / 08:00-10:00 (GMT)

REPEATS ~ MON 00:00 & FRI 22:00 (NZST)

Fourward, Dakota Sixx - How [Elevate Records]

IMANU - Serpent [Vision Recordings]

Mozey, Shady Novelle - I Can Be Your Future [Bingo Bass]

Critical Impact, Furniss, Youngman - Pretty Girl (The Sauce Remix) [RUN]

BTK - Raw Beats [Dispatch]

Sub Zero, DJ Limited - Can’t Go to Sleep (VIP) [Playaz]

Shy FX - Warning (feat. Gappy Ranks) (Bou Remix) [Cul.ture]

Burro Banton - Boom Wah Dis (Lupo Rework) [Dubplate]

Ego Trippin, Sub Zero - All City (Sub Zero Remix) [Low Down Deep Recordings]

Dutta - Tiger Claw [Souped Up]

Dunk - Chronic [Vandal Records]

Euphonique & MC Frost - No Escape [Murky Digital]

Hugh Hardie - Day 3: Klaxon [Hospital Records]

GOLD Dubs, Dr Meaker, Cheshire Cat - Chronic [Born On Road]

Oz - Green Lane [Co-Lab Recordings]

Nick The Lot - The Future [Pick The Lock Records]

DLR, Script, MC Fokus - Perception [Sofa Sound]

Agro, Mentah - Sherbet Dib Dab [Redrum Records]

Bcee, Charlotte Haining, Tempza - In the Moment [Spearhead Records]

Need For Mirrors - Adults Only [V Recordings]

Sl8r - Hammer Head [Delta9]

Aperio, Low:r - Perspectives [ProgRAM]

Marcus Allen - Fire [Smooth n Groove Records]

T.R.A.C., Random Movement, Adrienne Richards - Step Tune (Blame Remix) [V Recordings]

Artificial Intelligence - Uprising (Revisited) [V Recordings]

Artificial Intelligence - Desperado [V Recordings]

Total Science - Fallen Angel (Medium Remix) [Dubplate]

Trex - Best Served Cold [Dispatch]

Veak - Burning [Liondub International]

Teej, Induction - Deception [Fokuz Recordings]

Pyxis - Hourglass [Goldfat Records]

MSdoS - Loops & Clouds [Soul Deep Exclusives]

Little Simz - Might Bang, Might Not (Rise Refix) [Dubplate]

Yatuza - Pulpo [Grid Recordings UK]

Need For Mirrors - Cole [V Recordings]

Nemy - Distracting [Delta9]

Adred & Jamal, Christina Tamayo - Complicated [Commercial Suicide]

Hidden Agenda - Is It Love [Metalheadz]

Murdock, FLX - Dollars Aren’t Cheap [Viper Recordings]

Deekline, Ed Solo, Specimen A - Let The Music Play (VIP Mix) [Jungle Cakes]

Ego Trippin - Chocolate [Low Down Deep Recordings]

Buju Banton - I Don’t Know Why (Ragla Bootleg) [Dubplate]

Oat - Dopamine [Flexout Audio]

Azifm - Each Alone [Distrokid]

Burnzy - Always You [Dubplate]

Kickback - Out Of Town [Dubplate]

Kumarachi, Rms - Jungle Tingz [Deep In The Jungle]

Stompz - Chained Up [Chronic]

Original Sin - Rewind [Playaz]

Martyn Nytram - Sensation [Nurtured Beatz]

Napes - No Hesitation [Invicta Audio]

Sonic Rain, Libby Rollings - Unity [Peer Pressure]

Photek - Consciousness [Metalheadz]

Smooth - Your Right [Bassrush Records]

Zombie Cats, Heist - Falcon [Zombie Cats]

Focusfire - Balanced Bass [RAM Records]

Zero T - Hold Me Back [Vandal Records]

DJ Andy - Better Days [Liquid V]

DJ Marky & Dutta - Mochi [Souped Up Records]

Tyke, Prestige, Daddy Earl - Mercury [Playaz]

Concord Dawn - Fly Away Home (Frankee Remix) [RAM Records]

Skantia, Haribo - Disconnect [RAM Records]

Loko - Bassline Secret (Skantia Remix) [ProgRAM]

NW2N - S05E21


Eartheater     - Below the Clavicle
Nina Harker - Füsse
Welcome Center - Closer
Jonny Telafone - Sacrifice
Ciaran Harte - Love Is Strange
Monde nouveau - The Purge
Gwendoline - Chèques Vacances
Control Room - No Zeros
L.A Suffocated - Looking Over
Crystalline Stricture - Nouveau Neon
DILK - Als Wars das letzte Mal 
Premier Mouvement - Fleurs de sel
Four Quarters - Black On Black
EDO - Fantasmas
Twelve - Ain't No Joy Ride

COCK BLOCK #14229 May 2020/  /LISTEN LIVE ON 8K.NZ Friday 12:00...



29 May 2020
/  /
Friday 12:00 NZT repeats Saturday 15:00, Monday 06:00, Wednesday 00:00
/  /
KEBABETTE - TITBIT #125 - best of NZ 2019
/  /
Tulip Black - COCK BLOCK #142

  • 100 gecs - Stupid Horse RMX ft GFOTY & Count Baldor
  • L$D - Don’t Smoke My Blunt, Bitch ft Grimes, Kreayshawn, Blood Diamonds, Tragik
  • Dorian Electra - Sorry Bro (I Love You)
  • Dua Lipa - Physical (Ofenbach Remix)
  • 070 Shake - Guilty Conscience (Zookeper Remix)
  • Kim Petras - Malibu (at home edition)
  • Georgia - 24 Hours (Adelphi Music Factory Remix)
  • Roisin Murphy - Sing it Back (live @home)
  • Lady Gaga, BloodPop, Burns - Stupid Love (Vitaclub Warehouse Mix)
  • Ellen Allien - True Romantics
  • God Colony - Please
  • Amanda Blank, Micah James, Naeem - Woo Woo Woo
  • Shura - elevator girl ft Ivy Sole (Space Tape Edit)
  • iB101 - Goody Two Shoes
  • Perfume Genius - Your Body Changes Everything
  • Arca - Time
  • Zane 2000 - Time Just Is
  • Eartheater - Below the Clavicle
  • LYR - Lockdown (In aid of Refuge) ft Florence Pugh, Melt Yourself Down

Human Pleasure radio 25th May 2020….I’m on it.


A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Nap Eyes – Real Thoughts [Snapshot Of A Beginner LP]
Attraktors – Theme From Unknown Program [Attraktors LP]
Isolated Youth – Humanoid [Iris LP]
bdrmm – A Reason To Celebrate [Bedroom LP]
Deeper – Willing [Auto-Pain LP]
Privacy Issues – Feedback Loop [Privacy Issues CS]
CMON – Base [Confusing Mix of Nations LP]
Beans – Stride (Radio Edit) [All Together Now LP]
Lost Film – Confess [Between Melting & Freezing CS]
John Paul – Glenn [Subjects LP]
Seazoo – I See Beauty [Joy LP]
The Pits – Keep Living [Sending You a Rainbow LP]
P.E. – Soft Dance [Person LP]
David Cronenberg’s Wife – The Russian Death Song [The Ship (Necrologies) LP]
Spam Risk – Akaname [Spam Risk CS]
Hank Wood And The Hammerheads – Tomorrow [Use Me LP]
The Column – Tastes The Same [Sparrows Tongue LP]
Sure – Another Girl [20 Years LP]
The Rorschach Garden – The Rorschach Test [Grain Culture LP]
Unruly Girls – Youth Barbarism [Epidemic LP]
C.A.R. – Flight and Pursuit [Crossing Prior Street LP]
Black Midi – Talking Heads [Black Midi Live In The USA LP]
The Warlocks – Sucking Out Your Soul Like A Son Of A Bitch [The Chain LP]
Talk Show – Petrolhead [These People LP]
The Sewer Cats – Create & Rebel [Zelda LP]
Supermilk – Fan Fiction [Death Is The Best Thing For You Now LP]
Clone Culture – They Shoot, I Die [Innocence LP]
Girl Friday – Amber’s Knees: A Matter of Concern [Androgynous Mary LP]

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The Giddy Canticle


Crank Playthings 165

00:00 - 20200430 - L.R.Scott *
16:22 - 20200423 - black/black/blue *
45:00 - boxy - notv

 *recorded for a Thursday Noise Situation via the darkroom 

NZ Music Month 2020


Kammoth #169 – Ducks be hangin’ all y’all



This here latest transmission, which you dearly hold in your cyber mits contains a couple of ‘worth-mentions’, by way of the new ‘Kidbug’ project that Mr Dumb Numbers himself has assembled with a close friend and a few passing friends (Mr Crover on the traps for the final number).  ’tis yet another reliable addition to the ever-expanding Joyful Noise roster.

Another magic mentionable muso enters the tracklist by way of a wonderful late Turkish chap by the name of Barış Manço (the tailed ‘s’ being pronounced like ‘sh’ in English and the similarly tailed ‘c’ being similar to ‘ch’; the ‘i’ without the dot is also a ‘thing’, but last time I checked this was a linguistics forum!).

Dan the Automator is typically superb, the opening piece by ‘Aa’ slowly eases the said listener into a hairy mix of creative styles, collaborations, cultures, countries and timestamp et al.

Give your cilia a well-deserved jive with the following musical works:

01 Aa – Homecoming

02 Kidbug – Together

03 Birth Control – Rollin’

04 Discordian Popes – Fight The Hits

05 Lost Crowns – Let Loving Her Be Everything

06 Shabazz Palaces – Fine Ass Hairdresser

07 Kim Salmon & Spencer P. Jones – the monkey

08 Landfill Crew – Youth Revolt

09 Better Oblivion Community Center – Exception to the Rule

10 Barış Manço – Ölüm Allahın Emri

11 Arrows of Love – beast

12 blktop project – pedro’s fever

13 Bee Mask – Moon Shadow Move

14 Anak Ko

15 Kit – Fake Broken Legs

16 North Sea Radio Orchestra – Little Red Robin Hood Hit The Road

17 Dan the Automator – get down to the funky sound

18 Barb Wire Dolls – Destroyer Boy

19 Air 1977 – I’ll Be Right Here Waiting

20 Astrodome – Dawn Gardens

21 Show Me the body – Arcanum

22 Birds Fled From Me – Oh My Love

23 Quantic – When You’re Through (feat. Spanky Wilson)

24 Karen Dalton – Sweet Substitute

25 Lowrider – Ode to Ganymede

26 Paper Mice – I Want To Go To Prison

27 Blue Oyster Cult – E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)

28 Jack Off Jill – Cinnamon Spider

Blankets in pigs;


Tune in to your weekly dose of Future Jungle riddims with a...


Tune in to your weekly dose of Future Jungle riddims with a selection of Kiwi artists like Azifm, Catch-22, Grid City, Habit, Medium, Midknight MooN, Need For Mirrors and Sick Cycle! Plus, new bits from FJS favourites 1985 Music, Born On Road, Chronic, Critical Music, Flexout Audio, Jungle Cakes, Liondub International, Overview Music and RAM Records.

Massive thanks to all artists and listeners, stay safe and crank the bass!

Contact & tracklists: ~

Mixcloud // Facebook

LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00-21:00 (NZST) / 08:00-10:00 (GMT)

REPEATS ~ MON 00:00 & FRI 22:00 (NZST)

Rene LaVice, Benny L - 1000 Days [Device]

Shy FX, Mr. Williamz - Raggamuffin (feat. Mr. Williamz) (Potential Badboy Remix) [Cul.ture]

Oz - Shout [Co-Lab Recordings]

Skantia - Bones [RAM Records]

Gyrofield - Borders (feat. Hallow) [Overview Music]

Alix Perez - Lock Off [1985 Music]

Workforce - Really Obnoxious Rich Kids [Must Make Music]

Trex feat Doc Brown - No Spill [Trust Audio]

Beat Merchants - Deadlights [Chronic]

Dr Dre & Nate Dog - Explosive (Keef Remix) [Dubplate]

Dub Elements - Shit [DEM Recordings]

Habit - Toothbrush [Dubplate]

Jayline - Willow (2020 Remix) [Sound Bully]

Niterider, Visuals - Pull Up [Liondub International]

Pharoah - No Other [Liondub International]

Midknight MooN - Far Away From Home [Smooth n Groove Records]

FX909 - 5 stars [Celsius Recordings]

Sub Focus, Wilkinson - Just Hold On (Pola & Bryson Remix) [Virgin EMI]

Alcemist, Dunney - DMT (Alcemist Remix) [Incurzion Audio]

DJ Andy - So Much Love [Liquid V]

Pharoah - Once [Liondub International]

Passive - Hustling For Change [Smooth n Groove Records]

Azifm - Just [Distrokid]

Senpai - Rave Era [Warm Communications]

Simula - See It Through My Eyes [RAM Records]

Particle - Camberwell [Critical Music]

Payback, A.k.A - Get Loose [Smooth n Groove Records]

Subtle Element - South West Swing [Dispatch]

QZB, Emperor - Nixon [Flexout Audio]

Posij - Derivative [Vision Recordings]

Current Value - Vicious Circle [Souped Up Records]

Kasra, Enei, Jakes - King Move [Critical Music]

Need For Mirrors - Meditate [Chronic]

Beat Merchants - Pinball [Chronic]

Nectax - Blindspot [Chronic]

Catch-22 - MPA [Dubplate]

Medium - Retrospect [Dubplate]

Origin Unknown - Believe [RAM Records]

Turno - Tech-no [Time Is Now]

Zombie Cats - Away [Galacy Records]

Gyrofield, Xia - Mel’s Teapot (feat. Xia) [Overview Music]

Wingz - Distress [Music Squad]

Volatile Cycle, Wingz - Drown [Ekou Recordings]

Bredren - Only One [1985 Music]

GOLD Dubs, JMan, Joe Burn - Set The Level [Born On Road]

Kyrist - Space Junkie [Kyrist Music]

Sick Cycle - You Know [Section 8 Recordings]

Ink, Loxy, Resound - Bouge Bass [Architecture Recordings]

Peshay - Sugarhill [Peshay Music]

Kyrist - Chimera [Kyrist Music]

GOLD Dubs - Body Fusion [Born On Road]

Curricula & Funktional - The Night [Dubplate]

Conflate - Magnified [AFT]

Buunshin - Acolyte [NËU]

Mefjus, Phace - Bubble [Vision Recordings]

Arkaik - Stay Inside [Flexout Audio]

Terrence & Phillip, Creatures - No Cure [Dubplate]

50 Cent & Nate Dog - 21 Questions (Jappa Refix) [Dubplate]

Zen Lewis - Warrior (Isaac Maya & Ricky Tuff Remix) [Jungle Cakes]

Grid City - Summer Funk [Bay 6]

Alibi, MC Fats, T.R.A.C. - No Lights [V Recordings]

AC13 - Sensation [Jungle Cakes]

Gancher & Ruin - Propaganda [Eatbrain]