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Human Pleasure radio 11th November 2019….an update on crowd behaviour.


A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Palehound – Autumn Sweater [Your Boyfriend’s Gun single]
Meilir – It Begins [single]
MIMICO – New Haze [Hi-Action LP]
Tacocat – Retrograde [single]
Searing Arrow – Alleyway Alter [Paranoid Fiction LP]
Mind Rays – Dead Center [Course of Action LP]
Hot Shorts – Summer Of 2012 [I Understand and I Wish To Continue LP]
Shunkan – Bedroom Dweller [Cumberland Falls LP]
Hazel English – Shaking [single]
Thigh Master – BBC [Now For Example LP]
Parsnip – Sprouts [When the Tree Bears Fruit LP]
Majestic Horses – Take a Bow [Away from the Sun LP]
Unhappy Fly – Singing Flame [Unhappy Fly LP]
Failed Flowers – Broken Screen [Faces LP]
Mope Grooves – Bicycle Dancers [Desire LP]
Magnapop – Rip The Wreck [the circle is round LP]
Miracle Sweepstakes – Relative Mind [Rorschached LP]
Ben Woods – Lesson [Put LP]
Elizabeth II – Gimme One Euro [Two Margaritas at the Fifty Five LP]
Papertwin – Metal Teeth [Family Portraits LP]
Human Colonies – Cloudchaser [single]
MILLY – Crazy Horse [Our First Four Songs EP]
Mush – Eat The Etiquette [3D Routine LP]
Rational Youth – Saturdays In Silesia [Cold War Night Life LP]
Lisa Prank – Truth About You [Perfect Love Song LP]
Solitude in Apathy – Dreaming in silence [Solitude in Apathy LP]
Graham Coxon – She Knows [The End of The F***ing World 2 LP]
Andy Bell – Plastic Bag [Plastic Bag LP]
Gino And The Goons – Watch You Shine [Rip It Up LP]
The Sour Notes – Shoulda [Shoulda 7″]

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The sky's old man


Crank Playthings 137

00:00 - The Duke of Burgundy - protofrustration
03:10 - swept out days - Born Bad Dreamer
20:42 - Like a long, dark shadow - Niacinamide
27:07 - Samoten - SynoP
35:55 - pomegranate - Noah LeBien


Kammoth #148 – O’Buoy


Oh yes; the image accompanying this week’s piece displays a wee lad; his Mother is sitting to the right (from the photographer’s point of view).  You may be able to find the full image and the rather odd / amazing story which accompanies it.

Anyway; record obsessions aside, we have a decent swag of ear pampers to expose one’s cortex to… an ant walks into a jelly pie armed only with a half handful of knitting rods and a backpack filled with a diverse selection of urine-soaked cotton wool.  This ant walks up a form of decorative clock; you know the rest…

Speaking of rests; I’m more than sure that such emptiness populates portions of the following musical compositions:

01 Rum Diary – portals of salt lake

02 Kit – Forest

03 Istikrarli – bir yarali kustum

04 Pure Joy – Orphan Sky

05 Atlantis – The Rumble

06 the Pop Group – Words Disobey Me

07 Loftus – Stolen From A Rifle Clean Brothel

08 Isaak – Yeah (Kyuss Cover)

09 Ramonda Hammer – Hoax

10 TOKOE – arzular

11 Zanal – System Error ft. Moor Mother

12 Weedpecker – Rise Above

13 Gastr del Sol – Mirror Repair

14 Nomad Stones – Pillage and Burn

15 Pekka Tiilikainen And The Beatmakers – The Deceiver’s Way

16 Directions – 05 – [untitled track]

17 Omni – Supermoon

18 Out in Worship – Jam Jar Superstar

19 Astrodome – Mirage

20 Polvo – colonial arms

21 Moby & Mark Lanegan – The Lonely Night (Photek remix)

22 the Away Days – Less Is More

23 Pinegrove – Skylight

24 X27 – Anal Box

25 Pharoah Overlord – satavuotiaiden salaisuus

26 Friends of Dean Martinez – El Tiradito

27 Ducktails – venus

28 the Stinky Puffs – I Am Gross! -No You’re Not!

29 Steven Jesse Bernstein – The Man Upstairs

30 Beck – premonition

Blend it like neck ham;


Kia ora junglists! This week I have a bumper-sized 66-track...


Kia ora junglists! This week I have a bumper-sized 66-track selection of the freshest, filthiest future jungle beats delivered piping fresh to your listening device. Check artists reps from FJS regulars Need For Mirrors, Digital, and Jam Thieves, label presence from Viral-Mental (big up the Bedlam crew!), a massive dollop of Metalheadz, and half-time fans watch for evolutionary sounds from Astrophonica, Flexout Audio and Critical Music.

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LIVE on CUE Music ~ SAT 13:00-15:00 PM (NZST) / 00:00-02:00 AM (GMT)

LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00-21:00 PM (NZST) / 08:00-10:00 AM (GMT)

Dead Man’s Chest & Response - Control State

Digital - Gonzo

Spinback & Gwange - The Execution (Serum Remix)

Dom & Roland - Outta Endz VIP

Jubei & Tyrone - Stabs

Spectrasoul - Untitled Horn

Loko - Bassline Secret (Skantia Remix)

HLZ - Eternal

Commix - Daggers Dub

Sam Binga & Om Unit - Windmill Kick

Fracture ft Inaya Day - Cold & Rain

Damage Report - Bad Temper

DROMA - The Witness

The Sauce - The Click

SPY - Till Dawn

Jade - Man Eating Lizard Dragon (DNB VIP)

Laydee Virus - Positive Growth

Halogenix - Blej (Fade Black Remix)

Moresounds - Dead And Bury feat. Fracture

Kemet Crew - The Seed

Ruben Da Silva - Sensi Skank (Dnb Remix)

Fracture & Sam Binga Feat. Rider Shafique - She Want It Tuff

Damage Report - Piranha

Machinedrum - Gunshotta (Fracture Remix) 

Bungle - Mutant

Need for Mirrors; Response - Ruins

Phase - Devotion Ft Hlz

Benny Page - Shimmy (Original Mix)

Jam Thieves - Brooklyn VIP

DJ Friction & Nu Balance - Robocop (Taxman Remix)

State Of Mind - Flame Thrower (feat. Lifesize MC)

Joe Ford & Shrike - Face Dancer

Jam Thieves - Minimal Funk (TC Remix)

Sota - Sledgehammer

Paul T & Edward Oberon - Sleepwalkers

Need For Mirrors - Day of Mercury

Digital - Gateman (Keaton Remix) - 1A

Om Unit - Sleepwalkers

DJ L - Nikes On My Feet (DJ L bootleg)

Buju Banton - Murderer (Budden Bootleg)

T>I - Cold Cutz

Syran - Paradigm (Original Mix)

Jubei - The Path

Foreign Concept - Jaipur (Villem Remix)

DROMA - Big Mistake (ASEITY Remix)

Habit, Altex, Illament - Passenger

Fre4knc & Klinical - The Shaman

Particle - Inner Walls

Loxy & Ink - Straight Up Menace V.I.P.

Fade Black - Sluggah

Jayline feat Champian - Run Dis Show

Future Shock - Jungle Changed Everything

Jaydan - Dark World (T>I Remix)

Amoss - Communicate

Sl8r - No Fuss (Kiril Remix)

Vital - Baddest Of The Bunch

Bredren - Undress

Lee Mvtthews, Nu - Takeover

Wilkinson - After Glow (Phibes Remix)

Zero T - Bizzy Time (Break Remix)

Jayline feat Champian - Rah

Ill Truth - Hivemind

Saxxon - Shadow Lion (Saxxon Remix)

Dillinja - Unexplored Terrain

Kiljoy - Bad Man

Digital & Spirit - Phantom Force (Fracture Astrophonica Edit)

NW2N - S04E44


8 November 2019/  /LISTEN LIVE ON 8K.NZ Friday 12:00 NZT repeats...


8 November 2019
/  /
Friday 12:00 NZT repeats Saturday 15:00, Monday 06:00, Wednesday 00:00
/  /
/  /
Randa - Toughen up [NZ]
SoccerPractise - Te Po [NZ]
Anna Wise with Denzel Curry - Count my blessings
Kleerup featuring AlunaGeorge - Lovers table
Okenyo - Eyes to the sky
Sorry - Right round the clock
The LimiÒanas featuring …tienne Daho - One Blood Circle
Only fire - Lose you to love me
Palehound - Killer
Chynna - asmr
Shygirl - BB
Madame Gandhi - Waiting for me
The Regrettes featuring Dylan Minnette - Holiday-ish
LPX - Global warming
Nation of Language - The Motorist
Easter - Better

Tulip - COCK BLOCK #120
GRÜN WASSER  - Gray_Grey
Eartheater - Pearl Diver
POLIÇA - Driving
Lucy Dacus - In the Air Tonight (cover)
fka twigs - sad day
Perfume Genius - Pop Song
Nina Kraviz - New York
Rhi - Swagger
Arlo Parks - Romantic Garbage
Moor Mother - After Images
Tempers - Guidance
Charly Bliss - Supermoon
HAIM - Now I’m In It
La Roux - Internation Woman of Leisure
Pickle Darling - Nights That Won’t Happen by Purple Mountains

1 November 2019titbit #119 …and world peace cockblock...


1 November 2019

titbit #119 …and world peace

cockblock #019 [r]

Human Pleasure radio 4th November 2019….who were Elley and Mark?


A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Rodan – IRS (Gauge) [the Hat Factory 93 LP]
Water From Your Eyes – Bad In The Sun [Somebody Else’s Song LP]
The Springfields – Wonder [Singles 1986​-​1991 LP]
Black Lips – Odelia [single]
Dumb Things – Today Tonight [Time Again LP]
Blackwater Holylight – Spiders [Veils Of Winter LP]
From Indian Lakes – Dissonance [Dimly Lit LP]
Dead Famous People – Looking At Girls [single]
The Hecks – Heat Wave [My Star LP]
MONK – Orchid [Why Do I Love You? [CS]
Secret Shame – Calm [Dark Synthetics LP]
Pod Blotz – Life Like an Electric Surge [Transdimensional System LP]
Good Morning – War on Me [Basketball LP]
Shepherds – Your Imagined Past [Insignificant Whip LP]
Museum Mouth – End of Days Reprise [single]
Bodega – Knife On The Platter [Shiny New Model LP]
Rocketship – I Just Can’t Get Enough Of You [Thanks To You LP]
Kyogen – What Do You Think I Am? [Why Do I Love You? CS]
Laura Palmer – SWYM [Bricks Of Ivanhoe EP]
The Suncharms – Monster Club [Single]
The Prefects – Things In General [Going Through The Motions LP]
Cold In Berlin – Avalanche [Rituals Of Surrender LP]
WOOLWORM – Hold the Bow [AWE LP]
Ubik – John Wayne (Is A Cowboy (And Is On Twitter)) [Next Phase LP]
Current Affairs – Crimes [Object & Subject LP]
Anamanaguchi – B S X [USA LP]
Iguana Death Cult – Nude Casino [Nude Casino LP]

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The Love Woofers


Crank Playthings 136

00:00 - Maledictum - Vessel Of Iniquity
04:56 - Purity Hunts - Vampyres
30:28 - ML_ndsw-I - Maria Lacerta
38:38 - Thalassophobia - Foot
46:31 - The Neighbor - Safe Word
54:11 - There Was Pain - Cutting Moments


The Show: Dogshit Policies


Interstitial (been waiting to use that word for a while) spoken word pieces taken  from AOC’s questioning of Mark Zuckerberg during a recent US congressional hearing, with Zuckerberg’s responses neatly summarized by Nish Kumar during Bugle 4121 – “Dogshit policies”.


And on with the show…

Direct download: The Joint – 2 November 2019

Notebooks out completists, here’s the playlist in full…

  • DISQ – All I Do Is Nothing
  • FRANCE SAUVAGE – Parle Toi De Nous
  • THE RAVISHING BEAUTIES – Arctic Death (John Peel Session)
  • BLACK MARBLE – Private Show
  • 75 DOLLAR BILL – There’s No Such Thing As A King Bee

AOC vs Zuckerberg 1

  • ESSAIE PAS – Corps Étranger
  • DESTROYER – Crimson Tide
  • AFRIQUA – Space Dookie (featuring Big Farma)
  • THE ORIELLES – Come Down On Jupiter

AOC vs Zuckerberg 2

  • AQXDM – Infrared
  • ASHER D – Top Boy (featuring D Double E, Big Tobz & P Money)
  • LOUIS MOHOLO – You Ain’t Gonna Know Me ‘Cos You Think You Know Me

AOC vs Zuckerberg 3

  • PENGUIN CAFE – At The Top Of The Hill, They Stood…
  • LIZZO – Good As Hell (featuring Ariana Grande)
  • SIG NU GRIS – Gang Starr – Skills (Sig Nu Gris Fixation)
  • BOBBIE GENTRY – Reunion
  • MEGAN THEE STALLION – Hot Girl Summer (featuring Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign)

AOC vs Zuckerberg 4

  • SPECIAL REQUEST – Vortex 164 (Sully Remix)
  • GIRL IN RED – Bad Idea!
  • SMOKING MIRROR, THE – Siren Girl
  • SQUID – Match Bet

Nish Kumar vs AOC vs Zuckerberg*

  • JOHNNY GOTH – Let Them In
  • LUNG DART – AV Duet
  • PATIO – Split
  • BLAWAN – Many Many Pings
  • LIGHTNING BOLT – All Insane

* The source of this week’s lyrical heading.