New Ways To Noise

Broadcasting from Northcote Melbourne, New Ways To Noise celebrates the demise of the guitar with a variety of tonal dishes served loud and cold – from nu-gazing synth-pop to punk-rap via an impressive range of international new-cold-dark-synth-front waves and a potted history of the world according to Moog. Your slurring, mumbling host dik broadcasts brand-new, ancient, forgotten, undiscovered and underrated emissions, revealing a dogged and proudly unrewarded history of decibel abuse spanning centuries – part Bastard Kestrel,  all mnttaB, and greater than the sum of Detonic Recordings


NW2N S04E11


New Ways To Noise - S04E10


Ex Partner - ParadoxXxing
C. Memi - Ishin-Denshin
Audiobooks - Friends In the Bubble Bath
VR Sex - Landmine
UIU - Selfish Nightmare
Control Room - No Zeros
Madmoizel - Kao Bang
Strange Visitors - Walking The Night
Unidentified Man - Identify Yourself
LOUISAHHH!!! & Maelstrom - Night Clubbing
Long Kniives - Pedid y se os dará
This Is The Bridge - Four Blank Walls
Mostly Unknown - Mystery
Ditta Perdita - Ilegalidad Impuesta
Distant Stars - New  Ways To Noise

NW2N - S04E09


Beta Evers - Prisoner Of Mind
0Kontrol - Lune
qwiz dot zzz- blau
Nausea - Even Her Love
Stockhaussen - Placer
Welcome Center - Altoids
Stairwell H - Stairwell
GRANDEUR - Comfortably Numb
Hoffen  - Wakefulness
Blind Delon - Sombre soleil
Police Des Moeurs - Vieilles Images
Mannequin - Temples
Ritual Veil - All Black
Wax Chattels - It
Second Sight - Lisp
Distant Stars    New  Ways To Noise