Start your Saturday nights at 170BPM! Join DJ Gwarden as he journeys through the full spectrum of Future Jungle vibes and Drum & Bass riddims, from the freshest duppy cuts to the deepest rave classics. Broadcasting live every week from the heart of Ōtautahi, New Zealand – keep it locked!


Kia ora junglists! This week I have a bumper-sized 66-track...


Kia ora junglists! This week I have a bumper-sized 66-track selection of the freshest, filthiest future jungle beats delivered piping fresh to your listening device. Check artists reps from FJS regulars Need For Mirrors, Digital, and Jam Thieves, label presence from Viral-Mental (big up the Bedlam crew!), a massive dollop of Metalheadz, and half-time fans watch for evolutionary sounds from Astrophonica, Flexout Audio and Critical Music.

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LIVE on CUE Music ~ SAT 13:00-15:00 PM (NZST) / 00:00-02:00 AM (GMT)

LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00-21:00 PM (NZST) / 08:00-10:00 AM (GMT)

Dead Man’s Chest & Response - Control State

Digital - Gonzo

Spinback & Gwange - The Execution (Serum Remix)

Dom & Roland - Outta Endz VIP

Jubei & Tyrone - Stabs

Spectrasoul - Untitled Horn

Loko - Bassline Secret (Skantia Remix)

HLZ - Eternal

Commix - Daggers Dub

Sam Binga & Om Unit - Windmill Kick

Fracture ft Inaya Day - Cold & Rain

Damage Report - Bad Temper

DROMA - The Witness

The Sauce - The Click

SPY - Till Dawn

Jade - Man Eating Lizard Dragon (DNB VIP)

Laydee Virus - Positive Growth

Halogenix - Blej (Fade Black Remix)

Moresounds - Dead And Bury feat. Fracture

Kemet Crew - The Seed

Ruben Da Silva - Sensi Skank (Dnb Remix)

Fracture & Sam Binga Feat. Rider Shafique - She Want It Tuff

Damage Report - Piranha

Machinedrum - Gunshotta (Fracture Remix) 

Bungle - Mutant

Need for Mirrors; Response - Ruins

Phase - Devotion Ft Hlz

Benny Page - Shimmy (Original Mix)

Jam Thieves - Brooklyn VIP

DJ Friction & Nu Balance - Robocop (Taxman Remix)

State Of Mind - Flame Thrower (feat. Lifesize MC)

Joe Ford & Shrike - Face Dancer

Jam Thieves - Minimal Funk (TC Remix)

Sota - Sledgehammer

Paul T & Edward Oberon - Sleepwalkers

Need For Mirrors - Day of Mercury

Digital - Gateman (Keaton Remix) - 1A

Om Unit - Sleepwalkers

DJ L - Nikes On My Feet (DJ L bootleg)

Buju Banton - Murderer (Budden Bootleg)

T>I - Cold Cutz

Syran - Paradigm (Original Mix)

Jubei - The Path

Foreign Concept - Jaipur (Villem Remix)

DROMA - Big Mistake (ASEITY Remix)

Habit, Altex, Illament - Passenger

Fre4knc & Klinical - The Shaman

Particle - Inner Walls

Loxy & Ink - Straight Up Menace V.I.P.

Fade Black - Sluggah

Jayline feat Champian - Run Dis Show

Future Shock - Jungle Changed Everything

Jaydan - Dark World (T>I Remix)

Amoss - Communicate

Sl8r - No Fuss (Kiril Remix)

Vital - Baddest Of The Bunch

Bredren - Undress

Lee Mvtthews, Nu - Takeover

Wilkinson - After Glow (Phibes Remix)

Zero T - Bizzy Time (Break Remix)

Jayline feat Champian - Rah

Ill Truth - Hivemind

Saxxon - Shadow Lion (Saxxon Remix)

Dillinja - Unexplored Terrain

Kiljoy - Bad Man

Digital & Spirit - Phantom Force (Fracture Astrophonica Edit)

Future Jungle Sessions #8


Kia ora bassheads! This week’s show is more Future than Jungle as I dive deep into the world of minimal, tech and neuro. Get dark and funky with Bredren, NC-17, Sl8r and AC13, peep kiwi reps from MidKnighT Moon and Deep Notion, jump up with Souped Up Records and Playaz, and check classics from Bad Company, Bailey, Trei and The Upbeats.

Big up all the artists and supporters, wicked tings!

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LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ Saturday 7PM-9PM NZST

LIVE on CUE Music ~ Saturday 1PM-3PM NZST

ADZZY - Babylon

Total Science, Hydro & War - Deluge

A-Sides - Take Flight

Bredren - Flick Knife

Nick the Lot - Break Out

Need For Mirrors - Passive Aggressive

KLUTE - Centre Of The Crystal

Digital - One Ton (Spirit remix)

Ed Solo - Trigger Warning (Original Mix) (feat. Bengal)

Mob Tactics - Peroxide

Particle - Bang

AC13 - Giant Machines

Deep Notion - Judgement Day

Optical - To Shape The Future Remix

Dillinja - Ja Know Ya Big (2015 Remaster)

DJ Bailey - African Descent

Trex - Dub Pirates (Original Mix)

Bassflexx & G Duppy - Smoke The Herb

Aries - I & I (Dr Meaker Remix)

Serum, Bou - Superstar

Amoss - Three Cans of Rio

Klinical, Skantia - Wile Out

Sl8r - Raptor

Bungle - Enigma

Bredren - Line Art

MidKnighT MooN - Flex

Break, DLR & Randall - Song & Dance

Command Strange - Whatcha Doin’

Marcus Visionary - Original Artical

Osh-Kosh & Stivs - Headz Aint Ready

Vital Elements - Mantra

Taxman - Magnetic

Jam Thieves - Old School

NC 17 - Less Than Zero

Usual Suspects - Hole Punch

Ed Rush & Optical - Point Blank

DLR & Script - Electronic Heroin

Levela - Full Clip

Narks - One Man’s Vision

NC-17 & KC - Slimeville (Break & DLR Remix)

NC-17 And Dave Owen - Street Wise

Nazca Linez - Meridian Arc

The Terrorist - Chopper (Shy FX Remix)

DJ Hazard - Real Shit

Isaac Maya - Ganja Train (feat. Ranking Joe)

The Invaderz - Underground

Calyx & Teebee - The Fog

MD - Terminal

Current Value - Call Of The Wild (feat Levela)

Synergy/Teddy Killerz - Smooth

Bad Company - Speedball

The Upbeats feat. Trei - The Stars

Sub Focus - Swamp Thing

Brookes Brothers - Every Minute (Bladerunner Remix)

Hedex - Greed (Hedex Remix)

Serum, Voltage - Pitch Forks

Gold Dubs - Nocturnal Confusion (DJ Hybrid remix)

Demo & Cease - Ladies Night (Drumsound & Bassline Smith VIP)

Future Jungle Sessions #7



Ez junglist massive! This week, plenty of NZ representation in the form of Dose, Trei, Habit and Fairbrother, plus hotness from Current Value, NC 17, Critical Impact and Bladerunner. On the label tip check heaviness from Re-Lick Records and SubSine Records.

Big up to all the artists, and please leave a message for any track IDs!

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LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ Saturday 7PM-9PM NZST

LIVE on CUE Music ~ Saturday 1PM-3PM NZST

G Duppy - Sen It On (feat Daddy Freddy - Bassflexx remix)

Dr Meaker - Funk Flicks

Current Value - Starliner

Commix - Be True

Calyx & Teebee - Look to the Skies

Bredren feat. T-Man - Inferno

Critical Impact - Pitch Black (feat. Coppa)

Nick the Lot - Over The Moon

Amoss - Tinnies & Ciggies

Habit - Allreadygot

Current Value & Bou - Running Your Mouth (feat Bou)

Jinx In Dub & YT feat. Sweetie Irie - Real Headz

Dimension (Deep Notion Bootleg) - Whip Slap (Deep Notion Bootleg)

Profile, ANFM - New Life

Dose; Trei; Menace - Valium Express VIP

Total Science - Nine Numbers (Phantom Audio Remix)

Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing (Om Unit Remix)

Posij - Attention

Osh-Kosh & Stivs - Gangstaz

Ethos - Front Row Soldiers feat. Pthwys

Dom & Keaton - Mordor

Dillinja & Lemon D - Hard Noize

Critical Impact & DRS - Crazy

Fracture & Neptune - Whatever

Dennis Brown - At The Foot Of The Mountain (Double O & Mantra Remix)

MD - Manga

Bladerunner - Don’t Break It

Benny Page - Pon The Body

Joe Ford - Lumbering Beast

Smooth - Monster Inside

Future Cut - Whiplash (Verb Remix)

Replicant/Nc 17 - City On Fire Ft Replicant (VIP)

Dose - Bounce Off

NC-17, Nusense - Come Test

Subcriminal - Electric Soundboy

Current Value & Serum - Melt (feat Serum)

A.M.C - Clack

Trei & Tali - Rebels

Keaton - The Plague (Trace Remix)

Replicant - Ruff & Tuff (Veak Remix)

Ray Keith - Babylon 5

Digital & Response - Just Another Bline

Total Science, Digital & Spirit - Salvation

Mefjus - Sinkhole (Skeptical Remix)

Kanine - Sundown

Trei & The Upbeats - Tonto (Dub Elements Remix)

Fairbrother - Big Weekend

Current Value & T>I - Dead Out (feat T>I)

Tribe Of Issachar ft P.Bouncer - Junglist (2005 Ray Keith Rmx)

Aphrodite - Sub Groove

Moresounds - Shut Up