Start your Saturday nights at 174BPM! Join DJ Gwarden as he journeys through the full spectrum of Future Jungle vibes and Drum & Bass riddims, from the freshest duppy cuts to the deepest rave classics. Broadcasting live every week from the heart of Ōtautahi, New Zealand – keep it locked!


Tune in to 8K.NZ for the latest round of cutting edge Drum &...


Tune in to 8K.NZ for the latest round of cutting edge Drum & Bass flavours: features from Alcemist, Bungle, Critycal Dub, Lovely and Phaction; remixes from Audio, Break, Bladerunner, Cyantific, Ozma, Ulterior Motive and Villem; label love for Critical Music, Deep Within Recordings, Hospital Records, Overview Music, Samurai Music and Trust Audio!

Massive thanks to all artists and listeners, stay safe and crank the bass!

Contact & tracklists: https://www.gwarden.net/ ~ https://linktr.ee/gwarden_nz 

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LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00-21:00 (NZST) / 08:00-10:00 (GMT)

REPEATS ~ MON 00:00 & FRI 22:00 (NZST)

Tall Order (UK) - All Yours feat. Sydney (Cyantific Remix) [Bowlcut Beats]

Alcemist - Like That [Born On Road]

Objectiv - Masked Message [The Mob Recordings]

Bungle - Runaway [Eloisa Records]

Bungle, Villem - You & Me (Villem Remix) [IM:LTD]

Critical Impact, Jakes - Hijack [RUN]

Speaker Louis - Ruff Rider [Hyperactivity Music]

Winslow - Swing And Miss [Goldfat Records]

Breakage - Jah [Index]

Critycal Dub - Innerforce [Original Key Records]

Isotropik - Gully [Demand Records]

Wingz - Artificial Killa [Deep Within Recordings]

T>I, Zombie Cats - Sidestep [Critical Music]

Alcemist, EJ Kitto - Raving [Born On Road]

Alora - Without You [Rampage Recordings]

Phadix, Fuelized - Blinded [Good4Nothing Records]

DRS, Dynamite MC, Nu:Tone, Terri Walker - Burn [Hospital Records]

Flava D - Mesmerise (Bop x Subwave Remix) [Hospital Records]

Arcatype - Enclose [Vandal Records]

Rizzle - Let You Go [Overview Music]

EN:VY - Crates [Trust Audio]

MC Fokus, Tephra & Arkoze - Pitch Black [Dispatch LTD]

Furniss - Without You [Biological Beats]

Lovely - Big Bloodclart Sound [Guidance]

Sparky - Oh Yay [Evolution Records UK]

Waeys - Mapper [Overview Music]

Alex Slk, Osmas - North [Grid Recordings UK]

DJ Gaw - Headpiece [Kartoons]

Quartz - Cluster Bomb [Samurai Music]

Phaction - Boogaloo Shoo [Metalheadz Platinum]

Lovely - Girls Dem Sugar [Guidance]

Teej - Escalation Protocol [Co-Lab Recordings]

Nuvaman - Night [Sofa Sound]

Seibel - The Onyx [Deegree Recordings]

Alix Perez, Liam Bailey - Lost & Proud [1985 Music]

Critycal Dub - Can’t Stop [Deep In The Jungle Records]

Conrad Subs - Bump & Grind [Nuusic]

Bungle, Ayah Marar - The Siren (Bladerunner Remix) [Spearhead Records]

Dj Chap, Iriann Joyce - Midnight Love (DRamatic & dbAudio Remix) [Liquid V]

Hyroglifics - Stone Rose [Critical Music]

Zero T - East Coast Classic [Prestige Music (US)]

Glm, Pengo - Over You [sub:stance recordings]

Dub Justice - What You Need [Eternal Muzic Records]

DOT. - Dawn Is Rising [Deep Within Recordings]

Dose - Genome [Prescriptionz]

Total Science - Lightweight (Break Remix) [C.I.A.]

Jayline - Spellbound [Iron Fist Audio]

Stenchman, Meloki - 4th Child (Joe Ford Remix) [Shadow Net Recordings]

Phace, Was A Be - Rave Changing [Neosignal Recordings]

Magnetude - Trail of Tears [Evolution Chamber]

The Clamps - Departure [Kosenprod]

Serum, Paul T & Edward Oberon - Moon in Your Eyes [V Recordings]

Flume feat. Toyo y Moi - The Difference (1991 Edit) [1991]

MC Razor, Miss Melody, Abi - Haters See Ya Laters [Independent]

SASASAS, DJ Phantasy, HARRY SHOTTA, Skibadee, MC Shabba D, Macky Gee - Where the Drumz At (Ozma Remix) [SaSaSaS Music]

Deekline, Specimen A, Ivory, Killa P - Mosh Pit (Edit) [Jungle Cakes]

Trace, Survey - The Dreamer [CNVX]

Unclubbed - Need To Feel Loved (Kleu Bootleg) [Dubplate]

Dub Elements, Neonlight - Lycaon (Audio Remix) [DEM Recordings]

The Prototypes, Elle Exxe - Paradise (Audio Remix) [The Prototypes]

Jubei, Marcus Intalex, DRS - Tip the Scales (Ulterior Motive Remix) [Metalheadz]

Unglued - Got 2 Have [Hospital Records]

Phaction - Ubiquitous [Metalheadz Platinum]

Roll deep with more future sounds on 8K.NZ ~ remixes from...


Roll deep with more future sounds on 8K.NZ ~ remixes from Kyrist, Dogger & Mindstate, Paul T & Edward Oberon, Matt Neux, and Danny Byrd ~ vocal performances from Alicia King, Cleveland Watkiss, DRS & Dynamite MC, Harry Shotta, Madrush MC, Sista Lu and Slippy Skills ~ EPs from Motiv, T>I, Midas Touch Recordings and Lost Recordings ~ plus the latest cuts from Bcee, Kmully, Stompz, Thierry D, Trex, and Villem & McLeod.

Massive thanks to all artists and listeners, stay safe and crank the bass!

Contact & tracklists: https://www.gwarden.net/ ~ https://linktr.ee/gwarden_nz 

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LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00-21:00 (NZST) / 08:00-10:00 (GMT)

REPEATS ~ MON 00:00 & FRI 22:00 (NZST)

Goddard. - Hope [DNB Allstars Records]

Visages - Amaryllis [1985 Music]

DRS, Dynamite MC, Calibre - Joint Venture [Hospital Records]

Paul SG - Strangest Things [Soul Deep Exclusives]

Nymfo - Hide & Seek (Kyrist Remix) [Dispatch Recordings]

Asana - Silhouette [DNBD Recordings]

Petroll - Samurai (SiLi Remix) [Differential Recordings]

Qua Rush, Sista Lu - Honey [Delta9 Recordings]

Logistics - Playing With Fire [Hospital Records]

Bcee - Caught In A Trap [Fokuz Recordings]

Stillz - Memory Of The Dead [Pick The Lock Records]

SVB - Anthrax [Midas Touch Recordings]

Fanu, Infader - Legacy [Metalheadz Platinum]

Motiv - Hypnotize [Calypso Muzak]

Kodan - Run Tings [Liquid V]

Conrad Subs - Obese [Nuusic]

Spirit - Calling Card [Inneractive Music]

Keaton, Hive - The Plague [Renegade Hardware]

DJ Sly, Alicia King - Stars [Higher Stakes Recordings]

Devolve, Breikthru, Saint Wade - Deep In My Heart (Danny Byrd Remix) [3Beat]

Grafix - Distressed [Hospital Records]

T>I, Kyrist - G Clamp [Critical Music]

Xyphon - Toast (Kmully Bootleg) [Dubplate]

Trex - Corner Story [Sofa Sound]

Villem, McLeod, Cleveland Watkiss - Towards the Sun [Spearhead Records]

Alix Perez, Zero T - The Ladders [Dispatch Recordings]

T.R.A.C., L-Side - Bad Bonus (Paul T & Edward Oberon Remix) [V Recordings]

EN:VY - Push Through [Flexout Audio]

Draize, Abstrakt Vision - Infrastructure feat. Slippy Skills (Abstrakt Vision Remix) [Lost Recordings]

Rizzle - Placid [Overview Music]

Mollie Collins - Love On The Line [Right Good Records]

Macky Gee, Cyantific - Need U [FrtyFve]

Toronto Is Broken, Natty Campbell - Reminisce (Matt Neux Remix) [YANA Music]

Wiley - Wearing My Rolex (Iskia Bootleg) [Dubplate]

High Contrast, Kae Tempest, Anita Blay - Time Is Hardcore [3Beat]

Dunk, Black Opps - Rolling Golden [Skankandbass]

T>I, D*Minds - Pulling Teef [Critical Music]

DOT., Kyrist - Argus (Kyrist Remix) [Lost Recordings]

Motiv - Turmoil [Calypso Muzak]

Turtleneck (UK), MadRush MC - Rollin’ Thru [Turtleneck (UK)]

Thierry D - Lost In 2020 (Thierry D VIP Mix) [DivisionBass Digital]

DJ Krust - The Fundamentalist [Tempo Records]

DRS, Dynamite MC, Calibre - Highrise FM [Hospital Records]

Stompz - Infinite Style (DJ Hybrid Remix) [Audio Addict]

Stompz - Comms Check [Prototype Recordings]

Wreckless - Tactician [Rebel Music]

Taxman - The Fever [Playaz Recordings]

Kursiva - Nasty [Bad Taste Recordings]

Dub Elements, Smooth - Like This (Smooth Remix) [DEM Recordings]

Ram Trilogy - Terminal 2 [DC Breaks remix] [RAM Records]

Fourward - Lose Control [Elevate Records]

Droptek - Comply [Korsakov Music]

Dopplershift - Can You Stop (ft. Filth & Mess Jilla) [Hyperactivity Music]

HARRY SHOTTA, Tesen - Meditation [Showtime Music]

Mr Joseph, Illmatika, Sherona Knight, Curmiah Lisette - Already Know You (Dogger & Mindstate Remix) [Liquid V]

Emba, Bcee, Philippa Hanna - Galaxy [Spearhead Records]

Disaszt, Marianna Ray - Don`t Know Us [Mainframe Recordings]

1991 - Pleasure [Pleasures]

S.P.Y - Twilight Zone [Hospital Records]

John B - Up All Night [Metalheadz]

Blistering bass & breakneck beats, this week on 8K.NZ: fresh...


Blistering bass & breakneck beats, this week on 8K.NZ: fresh tunes from New Zealand artists Burnzy, Ethos, Optics, Cheff, Monika, Sly Chaos, Unsub, Mystic and n0isemakeR; remixes from Bladerunner, Break, Serum, Gydra, Mefjus, Myth, Philth, Halogenix and Trex; album cuts from ‘Musicality’ by Mollie Collins, ‘Playing In The Dark’ by DRS & MC Dynamite, and ‘Possessed By DNB’ by Harry Shotta; PLUS vocal performances from A Little Sound, EJ Kitto, Elipsa, Jem Cooke, Lorna King, Karina Rampage, Nicole Thalia and Kaia Vieira!

Massive thanks to all artists and listeners, stay safe and crank the bass!

Contact & tracklists: https://www.gwarden.net/ ~ https://linktr.ee/gwarden_nz

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LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00-21:00 (NZST) / 08:00-10:00 (GMT)

REPEATS ~ MON 00:00 & FRI 22:00 (NZST)

Kaia Vieira - Where Did You Go? (Bladerunner Remix) [These Furious Recordings]

Jam Thieves - Dub Version [ProgRAM]

Break, Total Science - Dog’s Dinner (Mefjus Remix) [Symmetry Recordings]

Dr Meaker, Lorna King - With Every Heartbeat [V Recordings]

Krakota, Karina Ramage - Pull Me In [Drum&BassArena]

Kanine - Stand Up (feat. Emily Makis) [Kanine Music]

Tomoyoshi - Jungle Love [Original Key Records]

Alcemist, EJ Kitto - The Plan [DNB Allstars Records]

Nymfo, Sense MC - Hopeless & Free (Philth Remix) [Dispatch Recordings]

Conrad Subs - Screwface [Dubplate Dread]

Scepticz, SVB - Spoko [Midas Touch Recordings]

DRS, Dynamite MC, DJ Zinc - Get Down [Hospital Records]

DJ Marky - Parlet [Innerground Records]

missledz - Falling For A Dream [Beats In Mind]

Something Something, Nicole Thalia - Another Reason [Elevate Records]

Focusfire - Balanced Bass [RAM Records]

DJ Rap - On My Way 2 U (Main Vocal Mix) [Propa Talent]

FarFlow - Down Under [Fokuz Recordings]

Dunk, Stillz - Hunter [Pick The Lock Records]

Jam Thieves - Gimme Da Funk [ProgRAM]

Ben Snow - Groovin [Elevate Records]

DJ S.K.T, Jem Cooke - Boomerang (Round & Round) (Serum Remix) [3Beat]

K Jah - SoundBwoy Weaponry Ft Daddy G + Natty D (Crossy Remix) [South Central Recordings]

J:Kenzo - Phalanx [ThirtyOne Recordings]

Breakage - As We Enter (Break Remix) [Index]

Teddy Killerz, Nais - Bun Dem [Souped Up Records]

SLWDWN, Freshney - Fall [SIN.FULL MAZE]

Unsub & n0isemakeR - Balkanizer ft. Astro & J. Augustus [PHDM]

Unsub & Mystic - Johnny and the Biscuit [PHDM]

The Clamps - What Is It [Kosenprod]

IMANU - Serpent [Vision Recordings]

Droptek - Devoid (Gydra Remix) [Korsakov Music]

Mollie Collins, Kleu - Give Me A Reason [Right Good Records]

Monika - Luminosity [Locked Concept]

NOT4MANY, Chunky, Chimpo, Ragoloco, Rolla - Organise (Halogenix Remix) [Box N Lock]

Tweakz - They (Trex Remix) [Delta9 Recordings]

Critycal Dub, DJ Hybrid - The Secret [Deep In The Jungle Records]

Breakage - B Side Bubbler [Index]

LTJ Bukem - Atlantis (Marky & S.P.Y. Rework) [goodlooking Records]

RL Grime - I Wanna Know (Anima Bootleg) [Dubplate]

Embers of Light, Philth, 2SHY MC - Forward Motion (Tearout VIP) [4 Corners]

D*Minds - Concept [RUN]

Mc Bassman, Deekline, Benny Page - Middle Finger [Jungle Cakes]

Unglued, MC Lowqui - Middle Finger [Hospital Records]

Bungle - Mutant [31 Recordings]

Dance Conspiracy - Dub War (Myth’s Rolly Mix) [Dubplate]

Conrad Subs - On A 90s Tip [Nuusic]

Spirit - Riser [C.I.A.]

DRS, Dynamite MC, Roni Size - Not The Fake Ones [Hospital Records]

Kaii Concept - Super Spreader [Citrus Recordings]

BURNZY, Optics, Ethos, Elipsa - Dream of Me [4 Corners]

45 Roller - Rain [Cult.ure]

DJ Gaw, Selecta J-Man, A Little Sound - Rum & Lime [Born On Road]

Serum - Chop House [Souped Up Records]

Trex - Do Nothing [Sofa Sound]

Styke - Outer Space (Melinki Remix) [Differential Recordings]

HARRY SHOTTA, Erb n Dub, Patch Edison - Prison of Mirrors [Showtime Music]

Dossa & Locuzzed - Off Course (Crissy Criss Remix) [Viper Recordings]

Phace, Was A Be - Faceless [Neosignal Recordings]

Cheff - Wallace & Gromit [Cheff]

The Weeknd - Blinding Lights (Sly Chaos Bootleg) [Dubplate]