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Future Jungle Sessions #64 // 8K.NZ Radio //...


Future Jungle Sessions #64 // 8K.NZ Radio // 17.04.2021

https://www.gwarden.net // https://linktr.ee/gwarden_nz 

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Streaming this week on 8K.NZ, the talents of Kiwi producers Chisel, Dose, Pirapus, and Lee Mvtthews, features from Degs, DLR, LSB/DRS ‘The Blue Hour (Reworked)’, Maykors, Mozey, Nectax, and Submorphics, plus vocal performances by Charlotte Haining, Jakes, Poppy Baskcomb, Danny Sanchez and Tyler Daley.

Bcee, Charlotte Haining - Remind Me (S.P.Y Remix) [Spearhead Records]

Geostatic - Conviction [Transparent Audio]

107 - Inattentive [Onyx Recordings]

Winslow, Degs - Demagogues [Soulvent Records]

Hidden Agenda - Chameleon (Stress Level & Ant TC1 Remix)[Remastered] [Dispatch Recordings]

Friske - Deeper Understanding [Requisite Music]

Ephyum, Invadhertz - Escapism [Dispatch Recordings]

Kleu - Know You (Something Something Remix) [Right Good Records]

Unknown Artist - Ms. Fat Booty [Fokuz Recordings]

Coda - Smoked Out [Natty Dub Recordings]

Enei, Jakes - Master Key [Critical Music]

DLR - Make My Mind Go [Sofa Sound]

The Sauce, Fox - Everything Boss [The Sauce Recordings]

Nymfo - Stone Cold [C.I.A.]

Break, DLR - City Slickers (Skeptical Remix) [Symmetry]

Nymfo - Everything Will Be [Dispatch Recordings]

Degs, EVIL B, De:Tune, Citrusfly - No Prisoners [Hospital Records]

BassBrothers, L-side, Haribo - Locked [Chronic]

Teej, Grimesy, T-Man - Quantum Leap (Teej Remix) [Nuusic]

Zoro, Jappa, Bish - LSD [Born On Road]

Maykors, Paul AF - Artengo [Impact Music]

Yatuza, Dunk - Amplified [Liondub International]

Waeys, Levela - The Devil [Critical Music]

Tomoyoshi - Soldier [Original Key Records]

Molecular, Objectiv - The Foundation [C4C Recordings]

DLR - Twisted [Sofa Sound]

Qua Rush, Enjoy - Seduction [Flight Pattern Records]

LSB/DRS - Frozen (Calibre remix) [Footnotes]

Radiax - Xingfu Lu [Skankandbass]

NOISY - 24/7 (High Contrast Remix) [Universal-Island Records Ltd.]

Motiv - When You’re Around [Celsius Recordings]

Nectax - Beyond Stateless [Overview Music]

Dose - Time And Space [Huski Records]

Sikka - Alright [Formation Records]

Lenzman, Danny Sanchez - Gimmie a Sec [The North Quarter]

Submorphics - Infinite Void [The North Quarter]

LSB/DRS - Letting Go (FD remix) [Footnotes]

Exile, Mark XTC - Power [Random Concept Origins]

Mozey - Lady Petrol [Souped Up Records]

Picota & Kumbh - Give Me the Flow [Program]

Shy FX, Breakage, Break, Tyler Daley - I Got You (feat. Tyler Daley) [Digital Soundboy]

Unknown Artist - Big Poppa [Fokuz Recordings]

Submorphics, Ras Tweed - Guided by Venus [The North Quarter]

Heist, Diligent Fingers - Don’t Need a Reason [Liquid Lab]

DSP - Don’t Know [Symmetry Recordings]

Technimatic, Charlotte Haining - Still Miss You [Technimatic Music]

Zombie Cats - Let Go [Galacy Records]

Origin8a & Propa, Benny Page - Harmony (Lee Mvtthews Remix) [3Beat]

Friction, Poppy Baskcomb - Falling Down [Elevate Records]

Hystatus, Flower Rising - Another Day [Axon Records]

Temam - Mechanism [Delta9 Recordings]

Maykors - Halo (Moytra Remix) [Impact Music]

Surreal, Motiv - Smoke Dreams [Galacy Records]

Nia Archives - Headz Gone West [HIJINXX]

Nu:Logic - New Technique (Stay-C Remix) [Hospital Records]

L-side, MC GQ - Zaga Dan [V Recordings]

Monty, Icicle - SVP [1985 Music]

T>I, D*Minds - Pulling Teef [Critical Music]

Taxman - Utopia [Playaz Recordings]

Tony Anthem, Doktor - Tears Of Mine (Gunmen & Specimen A VIP Remix) [Fokuz Recordings]

GLM - Love Me [Incurzion Audio]

Dose - Live For The Pressure [Huski Records]

K Motionz, Simula - Flex [Drum&BassArena]

iZo Flight, Venuz Beats - Homeostasis [Hyperactivity Music]

Chisel - Delusions [SBK Recordings]

Pirapus, Christina Harrison - Need You Now (feat. Christina Harrison) [Dark Machine Recs]

M.I.S.T & High Contrast - 3am [Soul:R]

Surve - Hoverboard [Spearhead Records]

Nectax - Halogen (Myth Remix) [Overview Music]

Kenny Ken - Gimme Dat Roller [Formation Records]

Unglued - Crusty Rolls [Hospital Records]

Mozey, Current Value - Flirt [Souped Up Records]

LSB/DRS - Faded (Workforce remix) [Footnotes]

Logistics - Together [Hospital Records]

iZo Flight, Venuz Beats, T.R.A.C. - Worlds Away [Hyperactivity Music]

Submorphics, Phat Kat, Steo - Live With the Pain [The North Quarter]

Sub Focus, Wilkinson - Just Hold On (Sub Focus & Wilkinson vs. Pola & Bryson Remix) [Virgin EMI]

Degs, Pola & Bryson - Sleepless (Bladerunner Version) [Hospital Records]

Future Jungle Sessions #63 // 8K.NZ Radio //...


Future Jungle Sessions #63 // 8K.NZ Radio // 10.04.2021

https://www.gwarden.net // https://linktr.ee/gwarden_nz 

LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00 (NZST) // MON 00:00 // WED 05:00 // FRI 22:00

Streaming this week on 8K.NZ, the freshest in future beats from Cecil Hotel, Chalky, Frame, Kanine, Mirrorman, Monty, and Reubik, plus vocals from Ruth Royall, Sammie Hall, MC Foxy and Rihanna!

Kanine - One [UNLEASHED]

L Plus - Die Hard [Technique Recordings]

Jabba - Kontrast [Program]

Burr Oak - Teleporter [Blackout Music NL]

Mirrorman - Push [Guidance]

Nymfo - Stone Cold [C.I.A.]

Screamarts - Infiltrate [Dispatch Recordings]

Shy FX, Breakage - Michael Knight [Cul.ture]

Break - Unification [C.I.A.]

Flat T - Run Tingz [Liondub International]

Toby Ross - Let It Go [Deep In The Jungle Records]

Frame - Turntable [The Dreamers Recordings]

Shadre, Salvage - Vessel [Zombie Recordings UK]

Tokyo Drift - Teriyaki Boyz (Bish Bootleg) [Dub]

Fearful - Critical Mass [Lost Recordings]

Mirrorman - Ski Sunday [Guidance]

Sola, Sammie Hall - Can’t Let Go [Grand Theft Audio Recordings]

Sovryn & AL/SO - Torment [Korsakov Music]

TSUKI - Closer [Crucast]

GLXY - New Soul [Shogun Audio]

Seba, Paradox - Swirl [Seba & Paradox]

Mr Joseph, Identified - No Pleasure Without Pain [Fizzy Beats]

Monty - Whatever You Need [1985 Music]

24kGoldn - Mood (Kleu Bootleg) [Dub]

CLB - Champion Rave [Dub]

Ly Da Buddah, Magugu - Man Down [Real Vibes]

Total Science, Jubei - Redemption [Metalheadz]

Monty, Visages - Polar Wind [1985 Music]

Winslow - Mad Flavours [Soulvent Records]

GEST - Huaxi [Shogun Audio]

Nectax - Parasite [Dub]

Ed Rush & Optical - Fixation [Virus Recordings]

Trex - Moment Of Truth [Critical Music]

Platinum Breaks, Bladerunner, Eden - Everything (Bladerunner Dirty Mix) [DnB Allstars Records]

North Base, PULS∆R - Them Old Skool Vibes [Nemesis Recordings Digital]

Forum - Don’t Play [Subtitles Music (UK)]

Cecil Hotel - Rainbow Warrior [Program]

Frame - Don’t Stop [The Dreamers Recordings]

BassDubbers - Zion Dub [Celsius Recordings]

Chalky, Steph Young - ECSTASY (feat. Steph Young) [Pray No Souls]

Sweetpea, Shady Novelle - Undercover [Spearhead Records]

Levela - Finally Free [LVL Music]

HLZ - Neon Underwater [Prestige Music Group]

Monty, Icicle - SVP [1985 Music]

Jolliffe, Natty D - State Of Nature [Drum Army]

Nu:Logic - New Technique (Stay-C Remix) [Hospital Records]

Phibes - Earthquake [Dub]

Rohaan - Purity [Oval Records]

Monrroe, Ruth Royall - Drowning [Shogun Audio]

Bladerunner - Lost In Sound [Hi Resolution]

Waeys, Duskee - Bold Courage [Critical Music]

Flo.Von - Tender [Celsius Recordings]

Genic - The Bug [Dispatch Recordings]

Stillz - The Music [Pick The Lock Records]

D*Minds, Mc Foxy - Ouch 21 [RUN]

Cecil Hotel - SUNSHINE VIP [Program]

Ha-Zb - Winter Mornings (Zero T Remix) [Boey Audio]

missledz - That Bloody Pookie [Rebel Music]

K Motionz - One Night Only [K Motionz Music]

Bensley - That Feeling [Pilot Records]

Reubik - Over You [Dub]

Aktive - Higher [Device]

Dutta, Rusko - No Time Wasted [Informal.]

Rihanna - Rude Boy (Biast Bootleg) [Dub]

Break - Keepin It Raw (Calyx & Teebee Remix) [Symmetry Recordings]

Monty - F4DE [1985 Music]

LSB, DRS - High As She (Break Remix) [Footnotes]

Total Science, S.P.Y, Marky - Soul Patrol (Marky & S.P.Y Super Jungle Remix) [C.I.A.]

Future Jungle Sessions #62 // 8K.NZ Radio //...


Future Jungle Sessions #62 // 8K.NZ Radio // 27.03.2021

https://www.gwarden.net // https://linktr.ee/gwarden_nz 

LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00 (NZST) // MON 00:00 // WED 05:00 // FRI 22:00

Streaming this week on 8K.NZ, new music from Aroha, Tali, Thomas Oliver, Burnzy, Emba, Brian Brainstorm, Harriet Jaxxon, Jubei,  K Motionz and Toby Ross. Plus, label focus on Elevate Records, Critical Music, and Hospital Records.

London Elektricity - Build A Better World (Thomas Oliver Remix) [Hospital Records]

Pyxis - Orbs [Goldfat Records]

Blame - Hindsight (DJ Marky Remix) [Hospital Records]

Nookie - Kaeya (D&B Mix) [Metalheadz]

HLZ - Dub Sunrise [Prestige Music Group]

Jubei, DBridge - Show Me [Carbon Music]

Data 3 - Losing Myself (Revan Remix) [Flexout Audio]

D'cypher - Barrels [Counterpoint]

Trex - Same Difference [Delta9 Recordings]

Murdock - Waterfalls [Liquicity Records]

Platinum Breaks, Eden - Everything (Bladerunner Vocal Mix) [DnB Allstars Records]

Sam Binga, Chimpo - Rude AF [Critical Music]

B-Complex - Beautiful Lies (L-Side Remix) [Hospital Records]

Conrad Subs - Dark Sets In [Murky Digital]

Toby Ross - Original Badboy [Gorilla Warfare]

Sleepnet - Love No More [Vision Recordings]

Jubei - Barracuda [Carbon Music]

John Rolodex - Wrong Number [Machinist Music]

Dr Meaker - Here & Now [Bingo Bass]

Burnzy - Drinking [Liondub International]

Phace, Kemal - MODE 101 [Neosignal Recordings]

Shrike - Friendly Fire [Bad Taste Recordings]

Document One, Levela - In My Mind [Elevate Records]

Kontrast - Close To You (Revan Remix) [Lockdown Recordings]

Bcee, Charlotte Haining - History (Technimatic Remix) [Spearhead Records]

Aroha - No More Jenga (Monika & Akuratyde Remix) [Wairua Audio]

Tantrum Desire - Resistance [Technique Recordings]

Linguistics - Our Time ft. Document One [Shogun Audio]

Mozey, Shady Novelle - Sometimes [Hospital Records]

Serum, Spyda - All Ganja Man (T>I Remix) [BassLayerz Recordings]

Selecta J-Man, Suku - Couple Guinness [Born On Road]

Shadows - Dem Man [SINE Audio]

Screamarts - Shake a Leg [Dispatch Recordings]

Revan - Shibby [Lockdown Recordings]

R1C0 - Late Lab [Intrigue Music]

Neurotoxin - Dope Weapon [DLT9]

Dunk - Bad Trip [Trust Audio]

Zero T - One More Chance [Computer Integrated Audio]

Emba, Scott Haining - Holy Ground [Spearhead Records]

Emba, Telomic, Leah Rye - Silver Lining [Galacy Records]

Kray - Not Too Late [Eloisa Records]

Krypta, Savy Silva - Focused On You [Four Corners]

Fred V, Victoria Voss - Reaching Dawn [Hospital Records]

BassDubbers, Mess Jilla - Tell Me [Celsius Recordings]

Midknight MooN, Slunk - Slide [Nu Venture Records]

Harriet Jaxxon, Tali - What We Gonna Do [Drum&BassArena]

Voltage - Save Me From Myself (Harriet Jaxxon Remix) [Hospital Records]

K Motionz - Ride to You [K Motionz Music]

K Motionz - Hold You [K Motionz Music]

Freaks Geeks - Pressure Feat. Flowanatasia [Elevate Records]

Metrik, Reija Lee - Cadence (VIP) [Hospital Records]

Fade Black - Far Gone [Critical Music]

Brian Brainstorm - No Ordinary Sound (Aries Remix) [Original Key Records]

Brian Brainstorm - Run Dem [Uncommon Records]

Potential Badboy, MC Fats, Yush - Girlz (L-Side Remix) [Playaz Recordings]

Netsky - Memory Lane (Flava D Remix) [Hospital Records]

FD, Fox - Hazmat [The North Quarter]

Break, MC Fats, Cleveland Watkiss - Conversations (Breakage Remix) [Symmetry Recordings]

Conrad Subs - For the DJ [Raider Records]

Cecil Hotel - Sunshine [Program]

BTK - Outta Jungle [Dutty Audio]

Dub Elements - Devices [Elevate Records]

Winslow - Amore [Hospital Records]

LSB, DRS - Stop the World (Lenzman Remix) [Footnotes]

Conrad Subs, Mowty Mahlyka - Conqueror [Raider Records]

Sum - Obligatory Bumbaclart tune (Sikka Remix) [Sikkabrain Recordings]

Serum, Voltage - 8-Bit (Taxman Remix) [Souped Up Records]

Toby Ross - Look Inna Mi Eye [Jungle Cakes]

Burnzy - Nobody Else [Liondub International]

Jam Thieves - Situation [Serial Killaz]

Black Sun Empire - Stasis (Waeys Remix) [Blackout Music NL]