Join DJ Gwarden for a full spectrum journey through Future Jungle vibes and Drum & Bass riddims, from the freshest duppy cuts to the deepest rave classics. Broadcasting live every week from the heart of Ōtautahi, New Zealand – keep it locked!


Future Jungle Sessions #60 // 8K.NZ Radio // 27.02.2021https://www.gwarden.net //...


Future Jungle Sessions #60 // 8K.NZ Radio // 27.02.2021

https://www.gwarden.net // https://linktr.ee/gwarden_nz 

LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00 (NZST) // MON 00:00 // WED 05:00 // FRI 22:00

Nu:Tone, Charlotte Haining - Sleepwalker [Hospital Records]

Mystific - Drop The Gravity [Fokuz Recordings]

Tweakz, Dava, Slay, EJ Kitto - Maybe [Syncopix Records]

Myth - Rouge [inHabit Recordings]

Phaction, Leo Wood - Electric Wires [Shogun Audio]

Quartz - Coercion [Metalheadz]

Simula - Prodigium [Neksus Sound]

Wilkinson - Frontline [Sleepless]

GLXY - New Soul [Shogun Audio]

Break, Mark System - Super Blue (2004) [Symmetry Recordings]

Toots & The Maytals, Phibes - 54-46 Was My Number (Phibes Remix - Edit) [Jungle Cakes]

Tweakz - Fatal Attraction (Nectax Remix) [Syncopix Records]

Andy Skopes, Madcap, Singing Fats - Trouble [Dispatch Recordings]

Erbman, MSdoS - Babylon Dread [Liquid Drops]

Low:r - Pixel [Soulvent Records]

Bcee, L.I.T.A. - Cannot Escape Your Love (Millbrook Remix) [Spearhead Records]

Halflight - All I Need [Device]

Mistrust - Lies [Archway Records UK]

Cyantific - Woman [Viper Recordings]

Nu:Tone, Lea Lea - Instincts [Hospital Records]

T95, Operate - Set You Free [Shogun Audio]

Bcee, Dynamite MC - Run [Drum&BassArena]

DRS, Mindstate - Roonies [Space Cadet]

Andy Skopes, Madcap - Empty Soul [Dispatch Recordings]

Conrad Subs - Love 4 U [Deep In The Jungle Records]

Ray Keith - The Chopper (Traumatize VIP) [Dread Recordings]

Nu:Tone, Ed Scissor - Warm Glow [Hospital Records]

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Let the Bass Kick [Formation Records]

Conrad Subs - Funk Me Sideways [Deep In The Jungle Records]

Nick The Lot - Rise Above [Pick The Lock Records]

Britney Spears - Yael Naem - Toxic (Burnzy Bootleg)) [Dubplate]

DRS, Vangeliez - Like Uh [Space Cadet]

Zero T - Hurt Inside [Dispatch Recordings]

Echo Brown - Conversations [Shogun Audio]

Flowrian - Southern Taurids [Celsius Recordings]

Mistrust - Hooked [Archway Records UK]

False Concept - Close (Ill Truth Remix) [Ekou Recordings]

Kaotic Chemistry - Drum Trip (Madcap Remix) [Metalheadz]

Sikka - One Man Crusade [Deep In The Jungle Records]

Lakeway - Safe From The Storm [Unchained Recordings]

Skantia - Tenebris [RAM Records]

Phace, Submarine - GHETTOSHIT [Neosignal Recordings]

A.M.C - Nitro (Teddy Killerz Remix) [Titan Records]

Dorian - Rock Bottom [Mainframe Recordings]

Annix - Antidote [DnB Allstars Records]

Zero T - Sonic Bionic [Dispatch Recordings]

Tweakz, Syncopix, Duktuz - Obsidian [Syncopix Records]

Primitive Instinct, Charli Brix - Breaking [Flexout Audio]

Low:r - Well [Soulvent Records]

Hyroglifics, AC13 - Mercy & Misery [Critical Music]

Danny Byrd, MC GQ - Salute (Remarc Remix) [Hospital Records]

Rag'n'Bone Man - All You Ever Wanted (S.P.Y Remix) [Best Laid Plans]

Waeys - What It Was [Shogun Audio]

Volatile Cycle, Wingz - Drown (Rizzle Remix) [Ekou Recordings]

Nuex - Lucid Nights (Random Movement Remix) [Flight Pattern Records]

Phatt - Remember [Hyperactivity Music]

Pharoah - Party [Liondub International]

Polygon - Falling [Elevate Records]

Mylen - Galaxy [Lunchbox Records]

Culture Shock - Deconstruct [RAM Records]

Dimension - Ultraviolent [Dimension]

Bladerunner - Take Me Away [Hi Resolution]

Mistrust - Runes [Shogun Audio]

DJ Dextrous, Erin Lordan, Benny L, Shimon - Lovable (Benny L & Shimon Remix) [Audioporn]

Screamarts - Dystopia (NickBee Remix) [Ekou Recordings]

Serum - Velour [Souped Up Records]

Skylark - I WAS [OH DELA Music]

FD - Here With Me [The North Quarter]

Trei, Tiki Taane, Dub FX - Space & Time [Rampage Recordings]

Ben Snow, DJ Phantasy - Mind Warp [Catch 22 Records]

Camo & Krooked, Mefjus, Sophie Lindinger - No Tomorrow (Tom Finster Remix) [Hospital Records]

IMANU - A Taste of Hope [UKF]

Harmony - Up in Smoke [Deep Jungle Records]

Future Jungle Sessions #59 // 8K.NZ Radio //...


Future Jungle Sessions #59 // 8K.NZ Radio // 20.02.2021

https://www.gwarden.net/ ~ https://linktr.ee/gwarden_nz 

LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00 (NZST) // MON 00:00 // WED 05:00 // FRI 22:00

Alcemist - Gone (goddard. & Elipsa Edit) [DnB Allstars Records]

Scepticz, LaMeduza - No One [Flexout Audio]

Evolved - Thinking About [Delta9 Recordings]

Skuff, Iffy - Illusions [Ten Ton Beats]

Tephra, Kathryn Brenna - Endless [Innerground Records]

A:dan - There’s Nobody [DNB Vibes]

Midknight MooN - Control [Incurzion Audio]

Koherent, Riya - Talk to Me [Shogun Audio]

De:Tune - Au Revoir [Program]

INK, Loxy, Resound, Ayah Marar - Sins [I.L.R. Studios]

Phibes - Why Should I [Nemesis Recordings Digital]

Mozey - Frica [Serial Killaz]

Rowney - So Good [Shadow Demon Records]

Terrence & Phillip - Slang [T&P Music]

The Burner Brothers - Hot Damn Bass (feat. Liondub) [Patrol The Skies Music]

Shodan - Keep On [DNB Vibes]

Shotsfired - Overspill (Yoteii Remix) [Drama Records]

Twisted Individual - I Am Leg End (PA Remix) [Grid Recordings UK]

Tonic, Breakr - Gnaw [TransFrequency Recordings]

Bruk - Without Me (Refix) [Dubplate]

Thread - Sleepless [Four Corners]

brk - Physical [Four Corners]

Mystific - In Paradise (No Ordinary Love) [Celsius Recordings]

Whiney, Inja - Game Face (Stay Alert) [Hospital Records]

J Select, Teej - El Sizzlo [Nuusic]

Jam Thieves - Dexter [Onyx Recordings]

M-Zine, Dunk - HotDog [Sofa Sound]

Mistic - Tip Top [Formation Records]

Dunk - Dubplate Style [sub:stance recordings]

DSP - Moving On [Symmetry Recordings]

Dj Ss, D'votion - If I Ever [Formation Records]

Dr Meaker - Champion Killa [Jungle Cakes]

DC Breaks, Belle Humble - Move Closer (XV Mix) [RAM Records]

Ben Verse, Toruz - The Demons [Crunch Recordings]

DJ Trace - Path [117]

Baz & Simplistix - Lickle Boy [Radar Records]

Farz, Facing Jinx, Miriella - My Soul [Peer Pressure]

Yen - Target ft.Gadman [Kojiki Records]

Mystical Sound - Broken Tap [Citrus Recordings]

Kontakt - Rift [Invicta Audio]

Enigma - Ultrasonic [Incurzion Audio]

Sustance - Temperance (Yaano Remix) [Overview Music]

Vowel - Melange [Overview Music]

The Caracal Project - Intoxicated [Blackout Music NL]

The Sauce - Diamonds [The Sauce Recordings]

Whiney, LaMeduza - Teddy’s Gate [Hospital Records]

Emery, Dreazz - Reality [Fokuz Recordings]

Kalum - Quick Thinking [Influenza Media]

Stimpy - Don’t You Leave [Celsius Recordings]

Evolved - Mutation [Delta9 Recordings]

INK, Loxy, Resound - Frequency [I.L.R. Studios]

DJ Hazard - Blue Cortina [Playaz Recordings]

Asura - Hyena [Matter records]

Evolved - Do You [Delta9 Recordings]

Current Value - Dead Out (feat T>I) [Souped Up Records]

Tyke - Neon Maniacs [Grid Recordings UK]

Speaker Louis - Foundation [Liondub International]

HABIT - Love Machine [SBK Recordings]

Midknight MooN - Sulk [Incurzion Audio]

M-Church - Perspective [Smooth N Groove Records]

Tephra, Nick Modern, Collette Warren - Side by Side [Dispatch LTD]

bassment - Riverside (Philth Tech Remix) [Counterpoint]

Subsonic, Ruth Royall - Hold On [Elevate Records]

666666, Marianna Ray - StxY XWxKe [Close 2 Death]

EastColors & Noel - Subway Station Exterior [Overview Music]

Bou, T>I - Road Runner [Critical Music]

J Majik - This Sound [Infrared Records]

Particle, T>I - Vortex [Critical Music]

Echo Brown - Love Won’t Do [The North Quarter]

Conrad Subs - When Its Time [Deep In The Jungle Records]

Night Shift, King Yoof, Myki Tuff - High Grade [Dub Shotta]

Mistic - 11 Dimensions [Formation Records]

https://www.gwarden.net/ ~ https://linktr.ee/gwarden_nz LIVE on...


https://www.gwarden.net/ ~ https://linktr.ee/gwarden_nz 

LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00 (NZST) // MON 00:00 // WED 05:00 // FRI 22:00

Echo Brown - So Good [The North Quarter]

PLTX - Inescapable Progress [Smooth N Groove Records]

Alyness - Signals [Four Corners]

Simple Simon - Blue State [Formation Records]

Philth, Wreckless - Full Moon [Dispatch Recordings]

J Select - Playback Riddem [Nuusic]

DJ Trace - Ditch [117]

Document One, Levela - Heat Beams [Elevate Records]

D*Minds - Cash Man [Souped Up Records]

Beat Merchants, Dan-I - Lock It Off [Chronic]

D-Flex - Woo Riddim [Four Corners]

Alcemist - Us [DnB Allstars Records]

Dossa & Locuzzed - Tommy [Viper Recordings]

Gydra - Knives [Gydra]

MNDSCP - Slicer [Eatbrain]

Murdock, Jenna G - Make Me Stronger (Futurebound Remix) [Viper Recordings]

Kuantum - SunFunk [Hyperactivity Music]

Break - Take Me There (2006) [Symmetry Recordings]

Catch-22 NZ - What I Need [DnB Allstars Records]

Sly Chaos, Shivers, Timmy Porter - Right Of Way [Sly Chaos]

The Vanguard Project - Visiting Hours [Spearhead Records]

Riddim Punks, Exco Levi - Stranger in Town [Nice Up!]

Qua Rush - Coup De Grace [SINE Audio]

Midknight MooN - Double Agent [Incurzion Audio]

Messiah, Minos - When We Fight [Fokuz Recordings]

Ephyum - Fireflies [Bad Taste Recordings]

Jappa - Back To Basics [BassLayerz Recordings]

Dutta, MC Bassman - The Box [Souped Up Records]

Beat Merchants, Dan-I - Wah Gwan [Chronic]

Riddim Punks, Eva Lazarus - Heavy Sound System [Nice Up!]

Breakr - The Dam [Dubplate]

DJ Trace - Saboteur [117]

Whiney - Yesterday [Hospital Records]

Mister Shifter - Dreada [Flexout Audio]

Speaker Louis - Soundman Pressure (Isaac Maya Remix) [Original Key Records]

Yetti - This Is The Way [Dubplate]

Trail - Castell [Flexout Audio]

Murdock, Goldi Phone Home - Breathe (Alora Remix) [Viper Recordings]

Askel, Elere - Nothing More [Soulvent Records]

Leo Wood, Villem & Mcleod - Lions [Fokuz Recordings]

Whiney - Mirage [Hospital Records]

Revan, Parallel Identities - Beurs [Sofa Sound]

Particle, T>I - Vortex [Critical Music]

Xtrah - Murderation [Playaz Recordings]

SUUNE, Young Gho$t - Signal [Totara Records]

Workforce - EGO [Critical Music]

Koherent - Rave Chatter [Shogun Audio]

Kuantum - Body High [Hyperactivity Music]

nusonix - Sunshine Roller [Influenza Media]

MSdoS - Rolands [FX909 MUSIC]

Qua Rush - Grey Goo [SINE Audio]

Echo Brown - Love Won’t Do [The North Quarter]

Bert H, Eastcolors - Fast Moving [Galacy Records]

Crown Duels - Fine [Dnbb Digital]

Askel, Elere - Get Up [Soulvent Records]

Gest - Inertia [Shogun Audio]

Emperor, Forbidden Society - Disremember [Forbidden Society Recordings]

Ephyum - Exitus [Bad Taste Recordings]

Dutta - Blue Zushi [Souped Up Records]

Whiney - Freedom Dub [Hospital Records]

High Contrast, Uk Apache, Ady Suleiman - Met Her At A Dance In Leicester (DJ Marky Remix) [3Beat]

Feint - Do Better [Monstercat]

Technimatic, Charlotte Haining - Still Miss You [Technimatic Music]

Leo Wood, Mistrust - Cool Air [Fokuz Recordings]

Leniz - Beautiful Piece of Work [Soul Deep Exclusives]

Pulse, Madcap - Green Project [Liquid V]

Kodin, Tasha Baxter - Snake Lies [Korsakov Music]

Sleepnet - Angel Blade [Vision Recordings]

Mozey - Knock Ya Block Off [Souped Up Records]

The Sauce - Problem [The Sauce Recordings]

Logistics - Jungle Music (DRS & Dynamite MC x Logistics Remix) [Hospital Records]

Jappa - Yeah [BassLayerz Recordings]

Radiax, Swift - CCTV [Unchained Recordings]

Jfal - 4 Elements [Four Corners]

DRS, Need for mirrors - Running Back [Space Cadet]

Everything Is Recorded, Aitch, Infinite Coles - Patients (CLIPZ Remix) [XL Recordings]

DC Breaks, Niara Scarlett - Get Down (Liquid Mix) [RAM Records]

No Patterns - Lights [SINE Audio]