Broadcasting from Northcote Melbourne, New Ways To Noise celebrates the demise of the guitar with a variety of tonal dishes served loud and cold – from nu-gazing synth-pop to punk-rap via an impressive range of international new-cold-dark-synth-front waves and a potted history of the world according to Moog.

Your slurring, mumbling host dik broadcasts brand-new, ancient, forgotten, undiscovered and underrated emissions, revealing a dogged and proudly unrewarded history of decibel abuse spanning centuries – part Bastard Kestrel, all mnttaB, and greater than the sum of Detonic Recordings


NW2N S04E40


New Ways To Noise - S04E39


HNN - Cassiopée
Empathic Assessment Module - Lassen
Daycare. - The Colonel
Monomer & Polymer - Untitled 2
modern men - rouen a de l'eau jusqu'aux épaules
screensaver - Washed
Derrière Le Miroir - Like The Sun
Nine Circles - Twinkling Stars
Ritual Ceremony - Dying Must Never Be Easy
Morthem Vlade Art - The Slope
Love And Rockets - Trip And Glide
Caress - Love
Климентово поле - Salt
DAF - Nacht Arbeit
High Marks - A Demon in Leathers
Our unseen guest - new supply

NW2N S04E38


CryptoChroma  - The Orient Express
Dicepeople - Nitro
Poupard  - Petite Princesse
alk-a-line - Planète pas Claire
Metal y Ca - humano
Periods - Netflix
Ex-Heir  - Mercury
Olivia Neutron-John - Death/tango
Bad Penny -Night Will come
Eaux saines - the lowest stair
A Flock of Seagulls - Space age love song
Love Of Consolation -Vivid In My Mind
Klaus Barbie - Same Old Disco
High Marks - Deathnotes
UV Pop - No Songs Tomorrow
Rue Oberkampf - Agitation