Broadcasting from Northcote Melbourne, New Ways To Noise celebrates the demise of the guitar with a variety of tonal dishes served loud and cold – from nu-gazing synth-pop to punk-rap via an impressive range of international new-cold-dark-synth-front waves and a potted history of the world according to Moog.

Your slurring, mumbling host dik broadcasts brand-new, ancient, forgotten, undiscovered and underrated emissions, revealing a dogged and proudly unrewarded history of decibel abuse spanning centuries – part Bastard Kestrel, all mnttaB, and greater than the sum of Detonic Recordings


NW2N - S04E44


New Ways To Noise - S04E43


Skemer - Sunseeker
Automatic     - Signal
Lara K. - Face Myself
Contre Soirée - It's Long
The Bleak Engineers - Indiscriminate
Replicant - Pale Blue
Secret Mutilator - Gang War
Keine Ahnung - Sentimentale Jugend
Heute - prinzen
Élan Vital - Albtraum
Vore Aurora - Null Plus Void
Bad Light District - Pareidolia
Love Of Consolation     - The Light
No - Brando
Divison Fledermaus - Jenseits der Tür
Boan - Babylon

NW2Noise - S04E42


Peppy pep pepper - mortal square
Trotski Nautique - À bas l'humanité
Sabine Happard - Ne m'approche pas
Lovataraxx - Angst
Piska Power - Flöha
RGB - Misinformation
Strasbourg - Homme De Paille
Secretismo - Son de medianoche
Colin Newman - & Jury
Figure Section - Disfigured Section
Rational Youth - Here It Comes Again
Wingtips - Deaf Pursuit
Filmmaker - Liquor Pheromones
ZYX - Hey You
Mario.D - Le froid