New Ways To Noise

Broadcasting from Northcote Melbourne, New Ways To Noise celebrates the demise of the guitar with a variety of tonal dishes served loud and cold – from nu-gazing synth-pop to punk-rap via an impressive range of international new-cold-dark-synth-front waves and a potted history of the world according to Moog. Your slurring, mumbling host dik broadcasts brand-new, ancient, forgotten, undiscovered and underrated emissions, revealing a dogged and proudly unrewarded history of decibel abuse spanning centuries – part Bastard Kestrel,  all mnttaB, and greater than the sum of Detonic Recordings


New Ways To Noise - S04E07


NW2Noise - S04E06


Kas product - Mind
Hante. - Unknown
Solitary Dancer - Emails 2 Myself
Balvanera - Mártir
Weeknight - In the Dust
Fotzepolitic - Blue Sky Tribe
Still Forever - Ships
Crystalline Stricture - Secret
Doctrine - Girls Girls Girls
Death Disco - SheUsedToBeHuman
Blakaut - Black Light
Nikto - Rebirth
Metal urbain - Creve salope
Kline coma xero - Garden Abstract II
Richter Scale - Into Confusion
Distant Stars - NW2Noise
Kas product - Doctor insane

New Ways To Noise - S04E05


Tilly Electronics - Kleidung find ich gut
Blakaut - Χωρίς Μέλλον
Led Er Est - Lonesome XOXO
Human Is Sacrifice - Bad Time
Square Hollow - Dividing Line
UIU - 5 Only Something When You Are Nothing
Defecto Nagrobek - ich tote drachen fur dir
Milliken Chamber - Forgotten
Artificial Monuments - Cold Lies
Les Clopes - 8 Les Clopes Laurence Inutile
D4RKSTAR - Louder
Pass/Ages - How Much Did You Take?
Winternationale - Over your cities
Richter Scale - World To End
The Not - Help
Distant Stars - NW2Noise