Coming from Northcote Melbourne, New Ways To Noise is a weekly 1 hour selection of (primarily electronic) Uber-Independent Post-punk.

The show is mainly made up of new releases from the international synth-punk diaspora. Expect the best emerging acts from the underworld of Coldwave, Minimalwave, Electropunk, Darkwave and basically anything involving a drum machine and a cheap synth.

Streaming from 8K.NZ on Friday nights at 9pm Christchurch time (that’s 7pm Melbourne, 10am Paris, 9am London, 4am New York). The set is then repeated on Sunday, Monday and Thursdays.

Band/label submissions and exclusives are more than welcome.


NW2N - S05E46


Screensaver  - Living in an Instant
Captain Mustache - Mentally Naked
NNHMN - Der Unweise
Hearts and Rockets - Dead As Disco
Sonnenbrandt - Herz Aus Geld
Die Krupps - Robo Sapien
Factice Factory - Tucson
Empty - New Dawn Fades
Das Noir - B-City
Beatbox Machinery -  Hot Body
Xiu - Why We Were Gone
NMDA - Близко
DØG D!CK PiNK - Chocolate Milk/Sleep Forever
Silicon Valley - Holborn Station 3 am 3rd January 1982
Android Fornication - Faulty Innards

NW2Noise - S05E45


 NMDA - Прочь
Glass Candy - Digital Versicolor
Morthem Vlade Art - Mrs Richard D.
Incirrina - Shrapnel Words
Las Eras - Un Hombre
Ascending  - Che sarà di noi
Two Minute Warning - Weltraummensch
Opera multi steel  - Frantz est mort  
Arctic Domain - A Thin Shouldered Man
toska po domu - Morbid
Schonwald - Inner Sin
WL - Mountain Home
Metal Disco - Rotten To The Core
Group Rhoda - Agua De Florida
Middex - Scrutiny

NW2N - S05E44


 Aus Tears    - Celebration Of Bodies
Oberst Panizza - Last Man In Europe
DIE TRAURIGEN - pain/pleasure
NEGLIGEE - Untitled
Pass/Ages - Mircalla
Blind Delon - Elle
Oráculo Records - Step By Step
Suzi Sabotage - Frenzy
Dahakara - Aileen
S. Product - TNT
I Killed Techno! - From The Ashes Of A Cop Car
Abortive Gasp - Ultimate Defense
The Rorschach Garden - Only You
Comix - Touche pas mon sexe
Tilly Electronics - Amusement im Supermarkt
Street Cleaner / By an Ion - Like a Light
 Xeno And Oaklander - Blue Flower