Broadcasting from Northcote Melbourne, New Ways To Noise celebrates the demise of the guitar with a variety of tonal dishes served loud and cold – from nu-gazing synth-pop to punk-rap via an impressive range of international new-cold-dark-synth-front waves and a potted history of the world according to Moog.

Your slurring, mumbling host dik broadcasts brand-new, ancient, forgotten, undiscovered and underrated emissions, revealing a dogged and proudly unrewarded history of decibel abuse spanning centuries – part Bastard Kestrel, all mnttaB, and greater than the sum of Detonic Recordings


NW2Noise - S05E08


Deathbed - Into The Night
Plasmaschwarz - Mein Kopf
Hessen, Ganz Groß!     - Unter Der Achsel
Taxon Lazare - Пепел
Rue Oberkampf - Tokyo
Truck Stop Alien - Dead-End
Tôle Froide - Autodétruisez-vous
Jean-Michel Jarret - We Need Distance
Mort Lente - Rêve Chloé Rêve
Zanias - Aletheia
Banish - Undress
Athena Ignoramus - Discordia
Leroy Se Meuert  - A La Dérive
Sydney Valette - Please
Soreness - Harvest
Hide - Chainsaw

NW2N S05E07


Mort Lente - Mort lente
Innenstadtfront - Real. Simbólico. Imaginário.
Schwund - Erpressung
Toy - Strangulation Day
Beta Evers - Torrid Illusions
Momus - The Angels Are Voyeurs
Jean Michel Jarre - Dick
SDH - Four Arms
Fad Gadget - Coitus Interruptus
The Golden Filter - We Are The Prey
Filmmaker - Running Amok
Mark E Moon - Electronic
Wire - Humming
Bad Light District - Scenography
Automatic - Highway

New Ways To Noise - S05E06


In Aeternam Vale - Night Meets Day
Morze feat Ivanchen - Voulez Vouz?
Potential - Saint Y'ain't   
Caustic Grip - Got To Know   
Глава II - Сестра   
Selfish Boy - Computer Dust Storm
Eyes Without A Face - The Grift
Soreness - F.U.N
League Of Nations - Fade
Heaven & Earth Association - Paper Hearts
Wire - Unrepentant
DAS DAS - Ich bin leer
Polyphonic Size  - Logique Polygonale
The Secret Experiment - Lies Become the Truth in Time