The boy genius behind The Mixtape Connection, Dr. Hitchcock is an indie radio mogul from #Coolston who believes that smart drugs and electronic music will save the world. Join him on a journey into a virtual soundscape so far beyond reality that it comes full circle and begins to resemble actual reality, only with bigger pixels.


Starlifter.TV on 8K.NZ – Dux Central Pre-Party – 18th August 2016


8K.NZ - Kalaedie

8K.NZ – Kalaedie

Hey krew!

Well here we are, another chance to rock’n’roll’n’bleep the frack out! Tonight’s show was in aide of the 8K Soundsystem making it’s debut down at Dux Central. The gig has been as gone but this is a little something to remember the night by.

Dr H.


Dandy Warhols – Styggo
Voice break
The Rapture – House of Jealous Lovers
Sunflower Bean – Tame Impala
Sunflower Bean – Come On
Tame Impala – Endors Toi
BJM – Get Some
Voice break
Nazz – Open My Eyes
The Pixies – Where is my mind?
Blur – Colin Zeal
Nirvana – Lithium (live)
Super Wild Horses – We Don’t Believe It
Love of Diagrams – All The Time
Voice break
Explode Into Colors – Wooden Ghost
Thee Oh Sees – Kingsmeat
Useless Eaters – Rich Boys and Rich Girls
Darcy Clay – All I Gotta Do
The Transistors – Pleased To Meet You
Voice break
B.O.S.E. – Batman / The Original Swing (instrumental)
P.W.E.I. – 1000x NO!
Orbital – Input Out
Chemical Brothers – Song to the Siren
Voice break
The Prodigy – Charly (Trip into Drum and Bass version)

Starlifter.TV on 8K.NZ #000


Chalky Rick, Stve and 8peMan.

Hey peeps!

WOW! My first set and official radio show for quite a long time, it’s been fun! This is also the first official set for my new show on 8K.NZ. Starlifter.TV streams every Thursday night from 8PM NZST on

It’s great to have some of my favourite electronic artists from the 90s with new albums to play out. This set features hotness from Underworld, Chemical Brothers, Tiga, The Dandy Warhols and of course, Bowie. Rest in peace Thin White Duke.

Dr H. – it is happening again…




What crazy times we live in! UK #Brexited, #Drumpf is leading the Republicans and I’m starting another internet radio station! A whole bunch of my Christchurch based mates are joining me in setting up a new thang called

8k is a Christchurch centric, democratically driven and community focused internet radio station. It’s basically a whole bunch of our friends coming together and making a raucous sound. We’re not trying to change the world, become your new favourite thing or trying to figure out what you’re into so we can sell you more shit you don’t need; we’re just having fun. 8k is a place for us to experiment, to try things you can’t do on FM. The technology is there and it’s cheap so why not?!

I have a weekly show everything Thursday night from 8pm so stream with me for the latest.

And don’t worry, I’ll still be doing Starlifter Radio but it’s just much nicer playing with others huh 😉

This is Dr Hitchcock reminding you to…
Trust your TechnoLust.