The Big Fresh Collective Radio Show helmed by the one and only Liam K. Swiggs has been operating for over 4 years now out of Christchurch & Wellington City, New Zealand – holding over 100 shows in our history! Our Big Fresh Collective label releases can be found on our Soundcloud page.

We play music from local musicians & producers from Aotearoa as well as people all over the world in various different styles: Juke // FootMahi // House // Jungle // Hip Hop // Alternative + Indie!

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10 Kiwi Favourites of The Decade – Liam K. Swiggs


The Blog is back just in time to see out what has been a fucking beautiful 10 years of Kiwi music – We thought to ourselves what better way is there to celebrate than to ask some of our Best Friends & Whānau here at The Big Fresh Collective what ten of their favourite New Zealand music releases have been over the past decade!

LIAM K. SWIGGS is the guest of honour in this edition of 10 Kiwi Favourites;

Redwood’s new favourite prodigal son Liam K. Swiggs is a bonified local Christchurch Lad who loves watching a bit of Rugby League, slamming back a box of cody’s or two and ripping a fair few cones and to top it off; When he’s not out keeping the streets safe on Redwood Patrol – He curates this very Independent Ōtautahi Based Record label; The Big Fresh Collective.

Koru Licks – Koru Licks EP

Koru Licks self titled EP always held a special place in my heart back at the start of the decade as it was one of the first Kiwi releases i’d downloaded off Bandcamp when I was 17 years old which really started me & my dad’s journey into digging for music beyond crates – We were online bro – we had accessed the mainframe! Some how he still doesn’t have broadband… Definitely the soundtrack to many Belfast Summer Afternoons on the sauce!

Favourite Track – Riosynth


Rackets – Down With The Kids

Honestly really hard to nail down a single Rackets release to put forward but Down With The Kids always held a special place in my hear – Me & Ben Duff are known to have run the Unofficial Racket’s Fan Club of Christchurch for a while now… We’ve been fucking obsessed ever since we first heard them on The YGB Grey Tape and of course who can forget the infamous Inorganics tape! We missed them at Laneway 2014 for Danny Brown and vowed to never let them down again and we’ve been huffing glue & sucking cock ever since!

Favourite Track – Colgate Kid


Harbour City Electric – Harbour City Electric 

Another staple on the infamous “Liam K. Swiggs Chill playlist” on my laptop throughout the years, The self titled release is the 2nd and only full length release from Harbour City Electric coming out of Wellington City back in 2012 and I was always hanging out for more kinda like pressies that gone off the market!

Favourite Track – “One Foot” was always the jam in the Paravan Belfast Days


Fortunes – Jackets EP

This is totally my break up & make up album bruh…

Favourite Track – …FKWTU when i’m happy & Justin Bieber when i’m not!


Die! Die! Die! – Form

Emotional one for me as Form always reminds me of post earthquake Christchurch vibes even tho it dropped a few months before they fucked our shit up!

Bizarre to think that at the start of this decade I only just turned 16 when this came out (the day after my birthday even) – But I absolutely thrashed it patrolling through The Halls @ Papanui High School, puffing my chest out like; I’m a hard cunt but i’m not really into metal anymore – “Have you even heard of Flying Nun Bro? Up2 later i’m gunna go score a tin out the front of Northlands if you wanna go halves coz I didn’t buy any lunch this week g”

I saw Die!Die!Die! play as part of the chart festival around the time this came out @ The Christchurch Town Hall almost in between earthquakes if i’m not wrong at Chart Festival and Aaron Ashworth drunk Diesels out of a McDonalds Cup coz he’s a loose unit!

Favourite Track – Hard question; Probably “How Ye”


Dog Power – Dog Power

Awesome self titled debut release from some fucking really good mates of mine @ Dog Power via the infamous Flying Nun – These guys are totally out of their fucking jurisdiction but they’ve got the clearance of The Redwood Patrol for life!

We still haven’t heard back from Jess Taylor though – If anyone has any information or leads to the whereabouts of Mr Taylor please don’t hesitate to call the Redwood Patrol Hotline on 0800 REDHOOD – One of our operators will be waiting to take your call and not to worry – Your corporation will not be blown as all conversations remain anonymous…

Favourite Track – Actress


Nakey – Live The Nakey Dream

Me & Ben Duff belted the fuck out of this one – Absolute gem of an EP from the short lived Ōtautahi Powerhouse group Nakey comprised of some absolute legends Steven John Marr, Jonty OG, Ryan Fisherman & of course M&M AKA Freshman Fly – Man I love it when she plays blast beat woah-oh-oh… Oh Yeah, Fuck Yeah!

Favourite Track – Oh Yeah, Fuck Yeah – We use to play this track every time The Vodafone Based Rugby League Warriors would score a really cool try or win the game or something


Estère – New Species Remix EP

Super fucking vibes; Estère’s original renditions of the songs before they were remixed on her debut self titled release we’re already lush but New Species is something different… I’ve always really enjoyed the concept of remix albums and this was special, easily one of my favourite music releases of all time

Favourite Track – Reptilian Journey (Jordan Rakei Remix)


Sidesteps Quintet – 48 Hours With The Sidesteps Quintet

Some really OG YGB shit here – Would thrash this one when I was working in a factory next to the Airport after the earthquakes in 2012 – 2013 when i’d nip off for an Orange V & a lazy sesh at lunchtime in Nunweek Park – Not to sure what ended up happening to SSQ as a group & shout outs to Henry’s Bottle Store in Bishopdale!

Favourite Track – Kuala Lumpur


Lord Echo – Meoldies


Favourite Track – Wang Mothafuckin’ East baby – I use to fade out to this jawn frequently, brought a lot of peace to me – Picture the scene; I’m in my Dad’s shed in Belfast, you already know i’m drinking Cody’s and smoking chop bongs, it’s Tuesday afternoon or some other obscure time that makes me feel bad because i’m on the dole or studying some shit just to fuck around for another year – But at the same time i’m chilling to this tune and feeling really fucking good and inspired because i’m working on music and shit like that I actually loved – Then suddenly the Cody’s taste twice as good!

FootMahi Volume #001


As part of New Zealand Music Month in May, The Big Fresh Collective released New Zealand’s first ever 160 BPM Footwork // Juke // Jungle compilation titled; “FootMahi Volume #001”


MAHII 4 Real


This is something that we here at The Big Fresh Collective have been talking about doing for the past couple of years since our initial inception – As much as we love all styles of music we are absolute 160 BASE junkies!

All of the music on the compilation was created by local producers that were born or currently reside in Aotearoa helping showcase our local talent which is rife in the Bedroom Producer Scene lately!

Below is a small blurb about each of the individual traxxx & the artists that made them – They are all up for free download as well.


Steezie Wonder – Fleximus Maximus

The opening Track on FootMahi Volume #001 comes from Auckland based man of sound Steezie Wonder; A very close friend of The Big Fresh Collective’s after being friends via the internet for a year or so before we met last year when we opened up for American Based Label Juke Bounce Werk @ Christchurch’s Irie Sessions! This heater of a track samples Bel Air’s Fresh Prince whilst providing a real Footwork/Vibey feel throughout!


Kruff Kurtis – It Was Unbelievable

Track Number Two off FootMahi Volume #001 comes from South African Born but now Auckland based Kruff Kurtis. It samples an interview from the infamous Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff with a techno/dub footwork type beat behind the track. This track was featured on Local Alternative New Zealand Radio Stations RDU 98.5 FM in Christchurch & Wellington’s Radio Active.


Steezie Wonder – Sound Of The Beast

The third track on FootMahi Volume #001 is the second appearance from Steezie Wonder on the compilation and it’s a fucking ragga rager! A very jungle/dub vibe for this number switching it up quite considerably compared to the rest of the traxxx, heavily sampling a classic KRS One jam Sound of Da Police this is an instant Kiwi Classic!


Scapegoat MERCY – Bic

Fourth track comes from Wellington based Scapegoat MERCY (One half of Lake Boon) – Who pays absolute homage to one of New Zealand’s favourite 90’s singers in Bic Runga sampling her track Drive from 1996.


Buster – Sheldon Park

Lucky last track number five was produced by one of the Big Fresh OG’s and frequent DJ on The Old BFC Radio Shows; Buster! This is a heavy – heavy drummed out track from the Christchurch local paying homage to Belfast Favourite Park & Recreational Area; Sheldon Park.


This is just the first of many FootMahi 160 BPM compilations we here at The Big Fresh Collective plan on releasing with Volume #002 right around the corner in a couple of months – Keep It Fresh!



Written By Liam K. Swiggs

Bizznet Interview – The BFC Radio Show #101


So here @ The Big Fresh Collective we are rebooting our infamous Radio Show Series with a bit of a twist; We have plans to feature local & international guest mixes on our fortnightly released shows alongside with interviews conducted by Liam K. Swiggs W/ said guests taking place over where it all started on The BFC Blog.

In these interviews we will be detailing a little bit about the artist’s backgrounds and where they come from, music tastes & plans for the future amongst other things!

First up this week we have an interview local Wellington based DJ/Producer Brooke “Bizznet” Adams who featured on The Big Fresh Collective Radio Show #101!


Holla Holla Bizznet! What a privilege to have one of New Zealand’s up and coming female DJ’s as our first interview at The Big Fresh Collective in over a years time, tell us a little bit about yourself & where you’re from?

What’s up! Well where do I start? I was born and raised in the hoods of Upper Hutt! I went on to work in multiple shitty jobs and studied at a few dud course’s and finally came to the realisation that music is where my heart is at, So I went on to pursue my love for music through a DJ and music production course at Whitireia!




Upper Hutt represent! The home of New Zealand’s first ever Hip Hop group & one of the best Cossie Clubs out, now we’re onto the roots of where it all began can you tell us how your love and passion for music started and some of your biggest musical inspirations personally and otherwise?

Can’t beat a jug and warriors game at the local Upper Hutt Cossie Club! My love for music started at a very young age, even though I wasn’t very good… I would belt out any song that came on the radio. I remember at the age of 5 my dad told me that singing came from your chest and not your nose, and from then I practiced singing every day.

However my passion for different genres of music like rock, heavy metal, dubstep, drum & bass and all that shit that was huge in 2007; It came when my brother would show me different  YouTube clips of artists he thought I’d dig. I remember him showing me The Pot by Tool and completely falling in love. Later down the track I started getting into more the Hip Hop / R&B side of music. I started listening to Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and local NZ Talent like Home Brew.  Shortly after this is when I met Charles and Curtis; two regulars of the Wellington Hip Hop Scene, this is when my true passion for music really started.

I started going along to any Wellington based gigs that I could; Mr. Carmack, Kamandi, @Peace being some of the most memorable shows. After studying a few times and having a few dead end jobs, I decided I wanted to take my passion further and enrolled into Whiteria’s very own DJ Skool. It was honestly the best decision I have made, not only did it open my eyes up to the industry of music, but it allowed me to study something I was truly passionate about.




What are you currently jamming out on repeat?

In the past year I have completely fallen in love with the genre of “Wave”. I started listening to shitloads of Kamandi and other artists that were released through the new collective Sunset Sedan, such as POLO and Jaga. But I needed more! One of my good friends Luke introduced me to an online radio station called Rinse FM that I had been sleeping on for a minute, My mind was blown! Although Liam had tried to show me a few times before then… Sorry ❤




So last year was your introduction into the world of DJing and Music Production via the course you completed at Whitireia Institute of Technology, can you tell us about that?

I stared out at Whitireia with no real prior knowledge of DJing or Music Production. I was a complete noob to the art of Mixing and Creating. I was terrified, but also knew that I wasn’t alone! The teachers and students at Whitireia made me feel completely comfortable experimenting with music. Over the space of a year I was taught how to make music, how to mix music, how to scratch music, how to set up PA systems, how to get my name out there and the history of how DJing and Production all started.

I grew so much in that year I can’t even believe how much I progressed! Within the first two months we put together our first DJ Skool house party. I WAS PETRIFIED. I remember starting with my closest friends and family around me and the nerves just went away. I was in my zone. By the end of the set every single person in the party was in the room dancing to the tunes I was spinning & I was totally humbled by the response! Not only had I played my first set but people actually enjoyed it! I remember people telling me at school that even the top students from DJ Skool complimented me on my set,  and from there I knew I had something special going for me.

It was the first time that it didn’t actually feel like just studying for me, it was learning about something that I was truly passionate about. I was living the dream. After that I was asked to be a part of Audiology’s up and coming 018 which was to replace the infamous Wall nights around New Zealand. This is where I was given the opportunity to promote, watch and play my first ever live set at a club!

From here I went onto play frequently through The Big Fresh Collectives radio show’s on RDU 98.5FM, and eventually I became a part of The BFC family after releasing a bootleg remix of Post Malone’s White Iverson, The Big Fresh Collective’s debut release as a Label & probably one of the proudest moments of my life! I started getting more confident in mixing, and started focusing more on production. DJ Skool was just the place to do it, we were set out to make a 5 track EP as part of one of our final assignments of the year. Lucky I had an ace up my sleeve in Alphabethead as my teacher! He was hands down the most supportive and influential part of my experience at DJ Skool. I went on to play my tracks from my DJ Skool EP live at 018 & on The Big Fresh Collective Radio Show + I even released one through The Big Fresh Collectives first ever compilation album called The Big Fresh Collection Vol #001.

Although I feel like there was a lot of room for improvement, it was such a big accomplishment for me to complete the EP and play it out. Currently I am working full time during the day whilst producing & DJing & playing gigs where I can by night!

That sounds like a really cool pathway into the creative side of music, what type of music did you first start out producing & mixing?

Mostly hip hop, electronic, future, trap and wave music. Pretty much just whatever track I was feeling at the time.




Where can we check out some of your work being a frequent guest on The Big Fresh Collective’s Radio Show?

You can check out my mixes through either The Big Fresh Collective’s soundcloud and Mixcloud, also you can check out my own personal Soundcloud & Facebook  for some exclusive content!




You’ve frequented the Wellington scene over the past year or so, what are some of your favourite Welly venues to jam out at?

Hand’s down i’m a big fan of Betty’s, although I’ve only had the pleasure of playing at 3 different venues so far. Meow and Sanfran are definitely on my to do list!




What are some of your big plans for the future?

Just doing my thing and working alongside The Big Fresh! My current plans are to help establish The Big Fresh Collective into Wellington’s nightlife, We have plans of hosting a monthly night of Big Fresh DJs showing wellington something a little different in regards for alternative electronic music! But for now just working on my mixes, getting better at producing and releasing as many Bizznet features through The BFC Radio Shows online.




Legendary Bizznet, Thanks for your time, we’re really looking forward to see what the future holds for you!

You can check out Bizznet’s mix on The BFC Radio Show #101 below via The Big Fresh Collective Soundcloud!